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Wow, it's kinda late for me to be posting. Today's been kind of a laid back day. Venting yesterday plus Banri Hidaka manga and Haruka 4 really helped us to feel better about life, and then today we saw the LDS General Women's Conference and that was pretty awesome, too. Especially President Uchtdorf's talk. The whole thing was pretty awesome, but it can be summed up very simply (summary directed at myself): when life has you frustrated, make something and/or help somebody. Something I really need to keep in mind, because sometimes I get frustrated at the world for very minor reasons.

I'm not sure how much longer I have to type here, because Mom just called and we spontaneously decided to go to Michael's. I was thinking of talking a little about the article on books that change our lives that nezumiko and subsequently kabochan linked to, but now I don't know if I have time. Let's see how far I can get, shall we?

Athena says it actually got her thinking about the books she's read recently, and how she likes them just as much as the books she read growing up. It got me thinking about what books I read growing up and which ones I can't live without today and... I couldn't really come up with any. So let's look at the Twins' reading history...

When we were really little, Mom and Dad taught us to read with these books that had light up pens, and the book would ask a question and you'd press the square under the answers, and it would light up if you got it right. The precursor to today's Leap Frog, I imagine. Those were super fun. And since Mom was working, Dad would read to us to pass the time before we entered kindergarten. Our favorite ever was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. There was an animated movie of it that we watched like every day. And that brings me to what really shaped us growing up: cartoons.

We weren't bad readers by a long shot, but we didn't read a whole lot. See, reading was Aurora's thing, and we didn't want to be copycats. Especially because our entire family hated it when anybody copied them, or stepped on their "turf." One time Dad got really excited because Athena said she wanted to be a scientist, and Aurora got mad at her, because she wanted to be a scientist. We were very jealous siblings; it really wasn't pretty. But as a result, we all kind of fell into different things, and what we fell into was cartoons. Much like the books the author of that article lists, we have a bunch of animated series that we could probably watch over and over, and I think we learned much the same things from them that we did from a lot of the books that guy talks about. I also think that, at least in the 80s, there were a lot of cartoons with episodes about being able to do whatever you want if you put your mind to it, which is why the idea of being manga translators never seemed out of reach. Voice actresses in Japan was far-fetched because of the whole Japan thing, but we haven't ruled it out entirely yet.

So what cartoons shaped the Twins? Here's a list:
Care Bears (though we hardly remember any of it)
My Little Pony (ditto)
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Muppet Babies
Rescue Rangers
Darkwing Duck
Batman: The Animated Series
Tiny Toons
Disney Movies

And last but certainly not least, Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon changed our lives in big way, as I'm sure you all know.

And as much as we love those shows, we're always finding new things that we like just as much: Saiyuki, DN Angel, Host Club, I Hate You More Than Anyone, +Anima, etc. etc. etc. It's true that we seem to be having a hard time finding American shows that we like as much (although things like Teen Titans, The Justice League, and Danny Phantom prove that it's not impossible), but that's what anime and manga is for.

Today I'm thankful for random trips to Michael's (Mom showed up as I was writing the list), Women's Conference, Mickey Mouse stickers, getting stickers for taking surveys at Disneyland (I forgot to mention that in my last Disneyland report--we took a survey, got stickers, yay!, end of story♥), and fascinating TV shows about game shows of the 90s.
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