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I decided that now is a good time to use this icon. We made it because it's just so perfect for Renge, and sometimes we feel a lot like Renge in her "Why aren't you doing it right!?" attitude. But we never use it, because we think it's a little too... blunt? Basically, it's not one you want to use too often unless you're joking around.

I'm not really joking around today, but I am, however, angry with the world, and I don't have an angry icon. But I guess this one could count?

So we got a call from Dad last night, where he said, "I was talking to Sarah, and I found out she's engaged, too." This in itself did not make me mad. I think he has every right to know that his daughter is engaged. But there was another phone call several weeks ago. We were talking about Celeste's wedding, and someone brought up the colors and how they kept changing, and I mentioned how Sarah and her fiance (only I mentioned him by name; he's not officially part of the family yet, so his name is spared from the infamy of being related to us) were upset when Celeste first chose her colors, because those were the colors they wanted to use for their wedding. Dad picks up on this and says, "For their wedding? Are they really close enough that they're considering that?"

This, of course, was after our trip to Disneyland--the one where the boy proposed. I was furious at Sarah for not telling him, since she had pretty much told everybody and their dog. I mean, if one of us were getting married, there's a chance at this point that nobody would know about it at all, except for the other one, and of course the boy. And maybe the people who read our LJ, but... Anyway, I was upset, but I figured it was Sarah's thing, so I kept it to myself, even though I came reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally close to spilling the beans.

On the other hand, I can understand why Sarah would be upset with Dad. He did pretty much run away from the family when she was about fourteen, and so has been the object of Sarah and Mom's hatred ever since. Aurora already hated him for ruining her acting career, and Celeste... Celeste's another story. We were in a weird position, though, because the place Dad ran to was his mom's house, which happened to be in Utah, a mere couple of blocks away from where we were living at the time. So while Dad had run away from Mom (and consequently Sarah), he kind of ran to us, and while we were in college, we took full advantage of him. Eheh. And he bought us pizza about every other week and made sure we had quarters for laundry.

That doesn't change the fact that he was being incredibly stupid, but on the other hand, I also saw how he and Mom were getting along for years before he left, and it makes it difficult to place all the blame on him. Of course, he ran away after she finally started trying to fix things. Oy.

So yeah, Dad was stupid. But on the other hand, we also went through several months after that when Mom was "playing the dating game" with a guy who lived about a three hour drive away, causing her to be out of the house so often that we had to make sure to buy groceries for everyone so that we had food. (Then again, to be fair, just about everyone else was out of the house often enough that most of those groceries ended up being ours anyway.) I've put most of that stuff out of my mind since I typed it up in a couple of LJ entries a few years ago. But the point is, after Dad abandoned Mom, Mom abandoned everyone else so she could go hang out with her boyfriend, and I don't think it's fair that Sarah should hate Dad just because she doesn't have to rely on him anymore. Then again, this all might be because I still have issues with the whole remarriage and everything leading up to it and coming from it.

Anyway, Sarah can be a good kid. It's just really complicated.

So I talked to Dad a little about that, and then I felt bad for bringing it up because, despite appearances, I don't actually enjoy making people feel bad, even if I do think he was a stupid idiotic jerk. And then we changed the subject and I mentioned how we wanted to show him California Adventure because he's never been and it's full of a bunch of stuff we knew he'd like. Or at least, we thought he'd like it, since he used to like that stuff before we went up to college. But in his quest to be smarter than everyone else, he seems to have decided that this world doesn't hold any joy for him, and thus I deem him an idiot again. Which is really not very good for our filial piety points.

It actually must be a pretty sad life for him. I mean, we're all for trials making you stronger and not having it be all good all the time, but not enjoying anything? I really doubt that's what the plan of salvation is all about.

I really need to stop calling things stupid so much. You can tell when we're worked up, because of the more frequent occurrences of the words "stupid," "retarded," and "freakin'." Though in Live Journal, I tend to censor myself a little more. I also really don't think the plan of salvation is about being able to identify stupidity.

So anyway, we've got all sorts of complicated thoughts going through our heads about our family and whatnot, and we go to check e-mail before going to bed, and there's an e-mail from someone we don't know that's clearly not spam because the subject line is "Hajimemashite!" Oh yay, someone with exclamation points! That sounds happy and potentially able to calm nerves!

Or not.

Someone read our column and thought we had over-generalized by classifying Kansai as western Japan. We do think it's important to get our facts straight, but we have a hard time dealing with criticism, so we only skimmed it at first, especially because we were already in a bad state of mind. We figured we'd reread it later, after calming down some, and then we could form a nice response. So we reread it today, and it had a little geography lesson, which included something about it being safe to assume that if someone says they're from Kansai, they're either from Osaka, Kyoto, or Nagoya.

Herein is the problem: Nagoya is not part of Kansai. Or at least, we figured it wasn't because our penpal, who grew up in Nagoya, never said anything about being from Kansai, and once when he mentioned Nagoya dialect, he said he didn't really know what it was like. If it was part of Kansai, he would have said it was like Kansai dialect. So we looked up Nagoya at Wikipedia, and indeed, if Wikipedia isn't lying, it's in the Tokai region, which is Not Kansai.

She also gave us a link to the Japanese Wikipedia article on Kansai, which started out by saying, "It's the region of Japan starting west of the Seki barrier." And that's all. Which basically means it's western Japan. Which means the article, that she linked us to her very own self, started with the very generalization she was warning us against. Of course, it did go into more detail after that.

And of course, also, it is a generalization, and it can always be dangerous to make generalizations. And the official Kansai region is smaller than western Japan. But if you're going to correct someone, please check your facts first, oy.

So now we're at a loss as to how to respond to this person. We were going to give her a polite thank you, and make the corrections in the next column, but we don't really want to thank someone for giving us faulty information. And, as you can guess from our reaction to her e-mail, we don't like being e-mailed just to be corrected, so we don't want to do that to her, either. Athena just came up with responding with, "Thank you, you have inspired us to look more into this matter," or something similar. Maybe that would work. What to do, what to do?

And this whole thing with Dad and this random e-mail person makes me want to rant about how I don't have problems with intellectuals, but they have to be willing to actually get their freakin' facts straight!, and they need to stop trying to show off their smarts so much that they keep missing the point!, but I think I've done enough ranting for now.

Today I'm thankful for friendly LJ entries that have the effect we were hoping to get from that e-mail that failed, getting to read lots of manga yesterday, the Cosby Show, people enjoying our column, and finishing work early on a Friday! Whee!
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