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Fangirl time!

I'm struggling a bit with irritability today, but fortunately, I think I'm winning. *thinks* Maybe. A little bit of it might have to do with TokyoPop's format, but Athena kept reminding me to just keep smiling, and I think it helped. It's very important, too, because being annoyed with formats leads to grumpiness, which leads to fighting, which leads to counterproductivity. Anyway, it's silly to be irritable today, because there are so many things to be the opposite of irritable about!

I had predicted yesterday, based on package tracking, that all of the shiny packages that we had shipping confirmations for would arrive tomorrow, and we would suffer from massive sparkle overload. My prediction turned out to be wrong, because two of the three packages came today! Wow! That's fast!

We're still missing the sheet music (kind of ironic that the one thing that was shipped within the States is taking so much longer to get here; we got the two packages from Japan in like a day! Okay, probably two, but wow!), but there's still danger of sparkle overload, because, unless the RS president calls and says we're on for DDR tonight (which would also be Awesome), we're planning to finish up the Reverse/Rebirth part of Re: Chain of Memories, and my goodness is that thing sparkly. Like whoa.

How art thou sparkly? Let me count the ways...

On second thought, no counting--that compartmentalizes to much for this kind of fangirling.

Aaanyway. Words fail to describe how happy we were to start playing this game. Letters do it pretty well, though (specifically E). First of all, it's Kingdom Hearts. After KH2, and millions and bazillions of sidequests, sometimes it's easy to forget how much we love Kingdom Hearts. But when we turned it on again and Dearly Beloved started playing... It's just so happy!

Second, you're playing as Riku! Riku!!! ♥♥♥♥!!!! And then it's all 3D and fancily animated. I mean, the GBA version was good-looking as far as GBA games go (I imagine; come to think of it, that's the only GBA game we've played...), but it's so much fancier now.

Of course, now I have to go into a side rant. We know a bunch of people who seem to like animation alright as long as it's CGI, and therefore 3D, and that's a big annoyance to those of us who like classical animation, too. But the difference between that and GBA animation is that classically animated characters have three dimensions, while GBA sprites have a right side, a left side, a front, and a back. Or something like that. It all makes sense to me. But anyway, fully animated is better than partially animated, is what I'm getting at with the fancy animation stuff.

And now I completely lost my train of thought. Right, the opening scene. In it, Riku's sleeping in the darkness and a voice says he can sleep in the darkness and be safe and sound forever and ever, or he can take the keycard thingie and go see the truth, but it might hurt him... or something like that. We can't remember exactly, but that's okay! because one of the things that makes this game even sparklier is that once we beat it, we can watch the scene whenever we want. But anyway, Riku takes the key and says, "I'd just get bored staying here forever," and the look on his face is just so great♥♥♥

Also, that's exactly the kind of thing we like to see characters doing. And his voice when he said it! I like Mamoru Miyano's Riku voice so much it even took me a while to remember that he's Tamaki in Host Club. And since I love Tamaki so much, that's pretty impressive. Riku's the best♥ Y'know, after he stops being stupid in the first game.

So we're going along as Riku, and we discover that Riku's version of dodge roll is soooooo much cooler than Sora's. And he can jump higher, and he doesn't take as long to get back to fighting after doing a combo. At one point in the game, Athena had to quote Sora from KH2. Those of you who've played that part will know the quote.

What else did I want to talk about? Fake Riku!! We got to the battle with fake Riku, and it was so nice of them to have fake Riku be all Dark Riku and real Riku being normal Riku so that we could tell them apart. But of course, they have that Dark Mode thing going on, which is reeeeeally hard to control (or so I'm told), so while Athena was fighting, she goes into Dark Riku mode, and she gets really close to beating fake Riku, but then something happened and fake Riku made a major comeback, and she was super close to dying, and they're both in Dark Mode, so suddenly the battle ended and one of the Riku's screamed, but we couldn't tell which one it was! Aaaaaahhh!

And then we saw all the little experience gems flying around and were very, very relieved.

Speaking of Dark Mode, there's that scene where Ansem comes and is all being mean to Riku and stuff, and he knocked him down and is coming up... to beat him up some more or something, I guess, and then Riku's friend shows up to save him just in the nick of time! ...and he has this high, squeaky voice. I knew it was going to be Mickey, but man, it was just too funny. And I love Mickey to itty bitty bits, too, so no hard feelings, but man. Hilarious. Mickey's voice sounds a little sillier in Japanese, too, so...

And how could I forget Ishida-san!!!! Akira Ishida as Zexion! Only Zexion doesn't really talk that much, but still!! I think it's really funny that he's hanging out with Lexaeus (or however his name is spelled), who's played by Fumihiko Tachiki (if we're guessing right), because they're Gendo Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa in Evangelion, and that just seems funny. Also, we just played Atelier Marie, where Tachiki-san plays the weapon shop guy, who is a very very silly character, so we're kind of in awe hearing him play a serious character. And Lexaeus is really really scary! He's got a giant monkey wrench for a weapon! And sure it sounds funny, but when you think about getting hit over the head with a giant monkey wrench... That's not so funny anymore. And he throws it at you!! Like a boomerang!!!! That's scary.

That's all I remember wanting to fangirl about right now. Tonight is when we get to the really good stuff. Reverse/Rebirth has one of our favorite scenes in all of Kingdom Hearts, so we're pretty excited about getting to it. But first we have shiny CDs to open up! I do think there is a danger of sparkle overload...

Today I'm thankful for super fast shipping ninjas!, Chain of Memories Reverse/Rebirth, the idea of sparkle overload (it's just too funny), making unexpectedly good progress on Gakuen Alice, and getting our packages today.
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