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The moment you've some been waiting for!

These last twenty-four hours have been Very exciting. First of all, we got three! Three! shipping confirmations! In twenty-four hours! So soon we can be expecting our books from Amazon Japan (we didn't expect those to ship until October!), our CDs from CD Japan (including two Host Club DVDs!), and the sheet music we ordered from Anime Nation! We're totally excited!

Second, there was a bad pun at the beginning of Sekaichi 8, and leaving it would have required a detailed note, which we're not sure work so much with CMX titles, so we had to come up with a replacement. And we did! And it's awful! We realized today that it's harder to come up with bad jokes, because when we hear it we're like, "That's bad! We can't put it in a manga!" So we're pretty excited about it.

And third, we finally started playing the Reverse/Rebirth part of Re:Chain of Memories (CoM for PS2)! There were so many happy thoughts brought about by this, but one, I'm not sure how coherent they are, and two, we have been officially Bugged to post Japan photos, so I'll just sum it all up with an "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" (a very accurate description, I feel) and move on.

Okay, so there are only eighteen for now, but I don't think I've ever posted more than 18 pictures at a time in one post, so that's actually a pretty good number. Of course, there's no telling how good we'll be about getting the rest of them up, so please be patient, and by all means, don't be afraid to nudge us occasionally for more.

First of all, here's the hotel we stayed at in sunny Los Angeles the day our flight got canceled!

This picture confuses me, because it must be a highway in Japan, but the lighting is too bright for it to have been taken on the way from the airport to the hotel. So maybe we took it on our way out to Disneyland, and it's the view from the nice big window in the hotel hall by the elevator. (Note to self: it's easier to remember where pictures are from the sooner after your trip you post them.)

And this! is the gateway to magic! (Please ignore the faces of the random Japanese people)

As you can see, it's their 25th anniversary this year! What we failed to get pictures of were each of the Fab Five holding keys (the gimmick for the anniversary), which had us very squeeful because of its connection to Kingdom Hearts.

I don't know if you can see it, but the sponsor for this attraction is Kirin (they sell liquor).
Because in Japan, the rum is never gone!

Incidentally, a really unusual thing about this ride is that there wasn't a line outside. It was like walking into the bank or something. At California's Disneyland, there's always a queue area outside! And it's especially noticeable with Pirates, because it's got that bridge over it and stuff. Ah well. Moving on.

Almost all of the attractions (mostly the boat rides) had a map of where you were going, and I thought they were really neat, so we attempted to get pictures of them.

This looks more like the sign than the map. I know they had one... Maybe I saw it and thought, "Oh, I already have the sign." Or maybe the line was moving too fast.

Swiss Family Robinson. This picture is actually more for nostalgia purposes, because we used to have a Swiss Family Robinson tree house, but now we have a Tarzan tree house. It was almost exactly the same except for the fire extinguisher (failed to get a picture of that).

Of course you can't not get a picture of the castle. This one is Cinderella's, but so is Florida's, and I think also France's (though Athena says she's heard that France's is Snow White, which wouldn't make any sense, because of all the French princesses they have, Snow White is the one German), so maybe it's like a summer home or something? They should make one of the castle's Beast's Castle, because that castle is Awesome.

They had some pretty mosaics on the wall telling Cinderella's story. We think they probably have them in Florida, too, but we've never been to Florida, let alone Florida's Disney parks (though if we did go to Florida, that's probably the first place we'd go) so we took pictures of the Japanese ones.


We're not afraid of It's a Small World!

We didn't want to pose for a picture with the Big Bad Wolf, but his costume was so awesome I wanted to get a picture from a distance. Unfortunately, he wouldn't stop moving around *pout* Please ignore random faces.
You can't see it, but he's also wearing shades!

One of the main things we were looking forward to seeing. Like I said in our report, they weren't that different than our ducks. They also had pigeons and sparrows, and another bird that we didn't recognize but also startled a Japanese woman eating in the same area, so apparently those ones aren't all that common.

For some reason, seeing Mickey and the gang riding by on a float took all my anxiety about being in another country away.

I don't remember ever having this at our Space Mountain, so I had to get a picture.

Here's a droid just like the one at our Star Tours!

And here's an alien just not like the ones we have at our Star Tours!

That's all for now! If you haven't read the detailed report on our trip, or if you want a refresher, it starts here!

Today I'm thankful for three shipping confirmations!, 3-D Reverse/Rebirth!, bad puns!, getting pictures posted!, and exclamation points.
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