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That is the extent of our talking like pirates. ("Yar!" in case you didn't read the subject line. I tend to skip those, myself, until checking things again later.) The thought did occur to me, though, that maybe we should check out all the people submitting their entries to today's Talk Like a Pirate writing prompt, in case we came across any more pirate characters like Natsuki's father from Hockey Club. And then it just so happened we came across a nautical character talking in a very rough manner, and thought, "Huh, maybe we really should do some pirate-talk research."

That being the case, does anybody know any good ways to call someone a coward in pirate-talk? "Adjective + noun" would be preferred. Or just noun. We really mostly need nouns.

I was thinking about talking about the wedding drama that's going on, but since we're only hearing it secondhand ourselves, it would probably fall into the realms of gossip, so I guess I should think of something interesting that happened to us to write about. Let's see...




I'm just kidding, our lives aren't that boring, but only because they're filled with stories by other people. We're almost done with I Hate You♥ eight, and we're dying to read nine, but CMX hasn't sent it to us yet. And we got this one months ago! *whimper* (We do have a link where we could go download it (thanks to lyschan), but we prefer to read it physically first. If that makes any grammatical sense.)

So something that happened to us... We had a brief panic attack when our room started smelling like lighter fluid. It was a mystery because the window was closed. But not too much of a mystery, because the balcony door is wide open, and when Athena checked, she saw smoke that looked like it was coming from a barbecue, so we were happy that it wasn't from a house fire or anything. It was much better earlier on when our room started mysteriously smelling like french fries. Only then we wanted french fries and couldn't get any. Alas.

Lately I'm worried that our entries are too long to be left uncut, but I like them the way they are. I actually get really happy to see long entries on our friends list, so it never occurred to me as being bad to write long ones (plus when no one updates, I get bored and want to fill the cyber silence) without cutting them until someone was talking about it on their journal, and now I'm all kinds of insecure. And yet I do nothing to change. I'm just full of contradictions. Maybe it comes from being a twin♥

Today I'm thankful for the smokey smell being from a barbecue, pirate talk, the smell of french fries (now if only we could get the taste of french fries...), the cuteness of kitties in bathtubs, and the ability to randomly burst into song (even if the songs aren't that creative).
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