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きゃあ! 関西弁すてき!

Sorry...  When I let out fangirl squeals about anime, they tend to be in Japanese.  That one says, "Kyaa!  Kansai dialect is wonderful!" which really just sounds a lot better in Japanese anyway.

So anyway, Soichiro Hoshi's character showed up in Ueki no Housoku, and! he uses Kansai dialect.  I don't know if it's just because I love accents or what, but I'm very, very happy about this.  We haven't heard him play any characters that use Kansai dialect before, and he's from Fukushima, so I'm very curious to know if his dialect is any good.  But, having not grown up in Japan, I can't tell, so I think I'll ask my Japanese penpal (keyboard-pal?).

It was kind of funny though, because his character was kind of reminding me of Sanosuke from Kenshin, maybe because he wears a white robe-y type thing, and then we find out his name is Sano.  Only Sano is actually his surname.  It's still funny.

I'm just happy that Hoshi-san is playing a lot fewer girls this season.  And he still gets to be Kira, who, I've already mentioned, is waaaay cooler in Destiny than the first Gundam Seed.

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