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Today I'm feeling much better and I'm ready to post those memes! First, this meme from more_dragoncelt

1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters whose name starts with that letter and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ

Kit posted pictures with hers, but I'm lazy, so... Yeah. At first, we thought D would be a really hard letter for anime freaks like us, but once we got started, it got harder and harder to narrow it down. I think I'll just go with who I can think of comments for first.

1.Donald Duck
I didn't think it would be fair to leave him out, because if we'd gotten M, I would have used Mickey in a heartbeat. But I think I have more to say about Donald, actually. Mostly I just want to show off my knowledge of Disney trivia. The current voice of Donald Duck is Tony Anselmo, who trained under the original voice of Donald, Clarence "Ducky" Nash, when he was working as a Disney animator. Naturally, the apprentice succeeded the master, and not only that, but he's still an animator! He could single-handedly make his own Donald Duck cartoons. Also, he animated the Wardrobe in Beauty and the Beast. I also know that Donald Duck is a stage name, using his mother's maiden name, and that his real name is Donald Drake (which also happens to be the name of the human detective in Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers). He apparently has a sister named Dumbella, who is the mother of nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, but I don't think she's ever been seen.

One of the questions that used to be on the FAQ at the Disney website, back when it made sense and was actually navigable, was why Donald wears a towel around his waist when he doesn't bother wearing any pants. I can see why people would get nitpicky about this, but I also imagine the animators drawing the cartoon where he first did that, and at like the storyboard phase or somewhere, someone would have drawn him wrapping the towel around his waist as he got out of the shower, and they'd be like, "Ha ha ha! That's so funny... ha ha... cause... ha ha ha... cause he doesn't wear pants! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!" So when people started asking that question all the time, I bet they were like, "Dude, it was a joke."

2. Dark & Daisuke from DN Angel
I thought about making the list all anime characters just to prove that we could (there are very few Japanese names that start with D, after all (although Daisuke is pretty common)), but I wanted to talk about Donald, so I decided against it. But I couldn't not include Dark and Daisuke. If it wasn't for them and Saiyuki, we may never have gotten into the translating business. Daisuke is love and cuteness, and it's just great to see him struggling to be helpful and still keep it a secret that he's all kaitoh and stuff. And Dark... We're usually not big fans of the playboy types, but when he shows his brotherly side... I just love him to bits.

3. Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom is your typical American cartoon hero, but we like that kind of thing, so it's all good. Also, they do a pretty good job of giving him angst. Our favorite episode of his show hands down is The Ultimate Enemy for that very reason. And one of our favorite things is to see characters choosing to do the right thing despite how hard it is, which is another reason Danny is awesome. Unfortunately, I think Butch Hartman let the fans influence his writing of the show a little too much, and by trying to satisfy everybody, he ended up with not so good episodes. It just goes to show that it's important to listen to the fans, but not to let them control the pen.

4. Dagger from Final Fantasy IX
We seriously mentally listed every Final Fantasy character we could think of from VII and on, and some from earlier games (we don't remember them as well, but we played IV recently enough that we got everybody), and she was the only character we came up with whose name started with a D (further proof that D just isn't a common Japanese letter (that's stupid, Japanese doesn't have letters, it has kana)). But we were super happy! because 9 is our favorite FF (you could say it's our BFF! Aaaaaaah ha ha ha ha ha... ha...). It's mostly our favorite because of Zidane, but this is supposed to be about Dagger. Dagger... we like her, but one of the things we remember most about her is the part where she's so lost about everything that she's kind of useless. Athena's sitting next to me reenacting her reactions to various times we got the "Command failed. Dagger couldn't concentrate." message or whatever it said. ("Aaaaaaugh! Heal my people!! You're killing me!!!") So in that respect, there's definitely and Argh factor. But she's going through a lot of hard stuff, and she's a good strong female character who isn't afraid to act on her own and all that stuff, and she pulls through really well. And it's great when she tells Zidane off in Pandemonium (that whole segment is one of the best FF moments ever).

5. Dahlia Hawthorne from Ace Attorney
I picked her because I think the point of assigning letters is to make people think about characters who aren't necessarily their favorites, so I chose somebody we hate. Though come to think of it, I am still going with one of our favorite fandoms, so maybe that defeated the purpose anyway. But still. Dahlia is evil incarnate. But on the other hand, having super evil villains is one of the things that makes a series really good. So in that respect, I like her. Um... I'm not sure if I can talk much about her without spoiling things, so we'll just leave it at that.

And now for the secret meme! I believe it was designed to make people agree to do it out of sheer curiosity. I'm not sure I like it anymore--the questions aren't as interesting as they could have been. But we agreed to do it, so do it we shall!

1. hysteriachan
2. celestieall
3. Athena suggested putting us, but I don't even think I'd like that.
4. blackhope
5. codeyumi24
6. blackhope
7. pudges
8. lyschan
9. lyschan
10. celestieall
11. blackhope
12. baranoneko
13. pixiepilot
14. sarahsocool
15. blackhope
16. parkcooper
17. feather_of_hope
18. celestieall
19. more_dragoncelt
20. blackhope
21. phoenix_melody
22. setra
23. passivesoul
24. Can't think of anybody.
25. celestieall
26. heero2020
27. blackhope
28. double_dear!
29. Pass.
30. We mean it all in a good way. Or as good a way as you can take it, anyway. Mostly. And don't worry if you're not on here--it doesn't mean we don't love you!

I think I had some other stuff to write about, but Dad called in the middle of it all, so it kind of flew away. But I think I did enough rambling about characters to satisfy my own boredom.

Today I'm thankful for Donald Duck, Sekaichi 8 being relatively text-light (especially good for volumes with guest pages *shudder*), tasty boxes of Cheez-its, the randomness of the phone calls received today (Dad, an old friend of Mom's, and the Geek Squad getting a wrong number! Neat!), and intriguing plans for making brownie batter (not brownies) to fill our chocolate needs.
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