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So you know how lately I keep saying, "Oreo's showing signs of being sick, we really hope it's just weird air pressure making him nauseous--we know it makes us nauseous sometimes!" Fortunately, Oreo is fine. Not so fortunately, today has been one of those times it made us sick. It got me really bad around lunchtime. After that, it was really weird, because one minute I'd be all "Bleeeeehhhhh" and the next I'd be all happy and hyper with no problems at all. I think the worst of it has passed, but since I pushed myself to get our work done today, I'm going to choose not to push myself for LJ today. Especially because we just turned in Negima!? neo 3 today, which means tomorrow we start work on the Big Three. Dun dun DUN!

But don't worry, I haven't forgotten the memes we volunteered for! I'm just going to do them later.

Today I'm thankful for agency, Oreo once again sitting under my chair (aka Ft. Chair), the beautiful lighting outside our window right now, style guides (I think I've been thankful for those before, but they really came to the rescue today), easy-to-read websites with the Greek alphabet and how to transliterate it, and getting to watch Train Man (or Densha Otoko) last night.
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