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Another Oreo report

Oreo is doing much better today and I think we're both feeling a lot better about life. Now that I've calmed down, I think I want to type up a more detailed report of what happened yesterday, for my own benefit, but it might be a little TMI, so I think I'll put it under a cut.

It started a little after breakfast. Athena had offered her some leftover milk from her cereal, but surprisingly, he didn't want it. He threw up shortly thereafter, and so we both figured he'd been feeling nauseous. It was very wet, so at least we figured he'd been drinking plenty of water. We didn't think too much of it because, like we said, he does seem to get nauseous on days when the air pressure changes drastically.

Later, he came and sat under my chair while we were working. We like when the cats do that, because I have a blanket draped over my chair, making it like a little kitty fortress. That's not important; I just wanted to mention it. I'm sure anyone reading can see this coming, but he threw up again. It was mostly water, so we were like, "Well, at least it will be easy to clean up." But it was a little worrisome that he couldn't seem to even hold down water.

After that, he migrated to under Athena's bed. Around four o'clock, when we were getting to the gross scary part of Kieli, we started hearing hacking. You know those coupons you get in the mail every week? We never use the coupons, but we keep the papers, because if you hear a cat hacking, it's handy to have something to put on the target area that you can just pick up and throw away when it's all over, instead of having to scrub the carpet. So I grabbed some papers and dashed to where I heard the hacking from. I didn't catch all of it, but I got some of it. When I pulled the paper with the sick out from under the bed, the color was... questionable. It looked mostly brown... but it was kind of maybe red? But was it because he was vomiting blood, or because the paper I used to catch it had so much red ink? We had no idea. I took a white piece of paper and touched it to the stuff that hit the carpet, and it was brown, so we figured we were probably okay, but that's why I was so stressed when I posted yesterday. It didn't help that Kieli talked about a trail of blood that was reddish-brown.

Still, his coat felt clean, so we figured he wasn't dehydrated (that's something we learned when we took him to the emergency room--if a cat's coat isn't clean, the cat probably isn't getting enough water), and we knew he'd been drinking water. I figured that if it was a big enough problem to take him to the vet, there probably would have been something wrong enough to keep him from drinking water, and he probably would have been dehydrated before getting to the point of vomiting blood. We also remembered that the vomiting was less frequent than it must have been on the day we took him to the ER. So we decided to keep an eye on him.

The hours passed with us in the living room, because we figured if he followed us and hung out in the living room, it would be easier to take care of things than if he was under a bed or in a closet. He didn't follow us. He didn't even come out when we had dinner, which was what really had me worried. Even during the whole gastroenteritis thing, he still had an appetite. It wasn't until about eight that he came out and vomited again. Only this time it was clear stomach acid, so we knew he wasn't bleeding, and that made us very happy. What made us even more happy was that he seemed to want food.

What made us not as happy was the fact that when Athena gave him some treats, he didn't have the energy to crunch them down and swallow them. So we gave him some milk, because that takes very little energy to swallow, and it would hopefully give him enough energy to eat something else. It was tricky, though, because Mimsy really likes milk, and she would pull the bowl away from him to get it for herself. But she got tired of it eventually, and by the time we went to bed, not only had he drunk more milk, but he managed to eat some treats, and he kept it all down.

This morning, he seemed more active than yesterday, and he even jumped up on the couch to try to get our cereal milk. Yesterday, he stayed on the floor no matter what. He seems to have a better appetite, and he hasn't vomited once. So we think he's okay and that we don't need to take him to the vet. At least not this time. Of course, there's the paranoid side of me that's like, "What if yesterday was just the first stages of something?" But Athena points out that if it's the first stages of something, it usually gets progressively worse, rather than better.

And thus were our kitty adventures last night. We worry if maybe Mimsy feels left out or something when we're both obsessing over Oreo. We should give her more attention.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo apparently feeling better (I can't know for sure without asking him), phone calls from blackhope, having milk to give sick kitties, getting to watch the end of Scrapped Princess last night, and finally being able to track our CD drama package.
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