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I just realized they would have updated at the Decade site (the one about the CD for Yukiru Sugisaki's tenth anniversary as a manga artist), and I feel like a failure as a fan, because we haven't even listened to last week's new update. I feel even worse because it took me so long to remember that this week is a Radio DN Angel week. I guess it can all be chalked up to distractions in the forms of AX and Harry Potter. So I'll just have to finish the book and then we can go back to normal.

We're even all caught up on anime downloads! But not so much on the watching part. Still haven't decided whether or not to delete Saiyuki Reload Gunlock yet.

Meanwhile we've been slowly (during breaks from Harry Potter--I know, but we just can't read that much all in one sitting) working on increasing our income. We've been making a lot of progress, but it's mostly in the field of working up the nerve to do actual helpful things. I think we've gotten a lot worse in the last year as far as being afraid of people; we were even scared of most people at AX, which is usually when we're at our most outgoing. Not a good sign, but we're working against it. Little by little.

I'm trying to read Harry Potter, what do you want from me!?


Anyway. I still need to email Clay. On the one hand, I feel bad because I've taken so long already, but on the other, I want to finish reading Harry Potter first. *sigh* I'm a bad penpal.
Tags: decade, harry potter, money issues, social anxiety

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