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We've decided, once again, that there's too much manga in the world. Though if you think about it, it's impossible for there to be too much manga in the world, because manga is awesome and it's great to have plenty of things for plenty of different audiences. Unless there was so much manga in the world that we were all literally drowning in piles of manga. That would probably be too much. And then there's the tree-killing question. But we're sure manga is recyclable, and they're very eco-friendly in Japan. Then again, the idea of grinding up manga to be recycled is a little horrific. But Athena points out that then it can be made into new manga, to be loved again.

This all came about because we just remembered that Host Club 13 is out. So off we went to the Kinokuniya website to order it, along with some other manga to make the shipping more worth it (incidentally, we found out that apparently Kinokuniya does ship to Canada, unless we were reading it wrong, which is possible since we don't live in Canada and therefore wouldn't have necessarily been paying enough attention). So we started thinking about what we wanted to order with Host Club, and we realized that we have a ton of manga that only one of us has read. That means, we've each only read a little less than half of all the manga we've accumulated over the past several months, and we should probably catch up on that before trying to get more. The problem, of course, is that there are about a million series that we're in the middle of, and we want to get the next volumes of them. But that only adds to the pile. And then we go and spend all our time playing video games instead! (Athena: "Seriously. Haruka is trying to eat my soul.")

Then of course there's the problem that arises when reading all the manga from the different serieseseses takes so long that it's been like a year since you read the last one you read of each series by the time you get to the next one. It's madness!

So we just settled with a couple more volumes of VB Rose (that'll put us at volume 6, but we're still only at a point where I've read two and Athena's read zero), and hopefully we'll be able to eventually catch up.

That being the case, I guess we have some manga to read. Today I'm thankful for having lots of manga to read, getting to read even more manga for work, American branches of Kinokuniya, Keebler's Sandies with fudge drops, and recycling.
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