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I'm going to go back there someday♪

We really should have seen it coming. In fact, I think somewhere in my brain I realized it was a risk. The problem is, now that we've been to Tokyo Disneysea, we know what it's like, that it is, in fact, made of awesome, and that we want to go back. Anybody who's spent a decent amount of time with us has probably heard us say on several occasions, and often out of the blue, "Man I wanna go to Disneyland." Well, now we're getting to the "Man I wanna go to Disneysea." point of our lives. I think the trauma of our first trip overseas has staved it off for a while, but it's creeping back up on us.

It's the little things really. Like how we'll be listening to the Aladdin soundtrack, which will of course have us thinking of the Arabian Coast. Or how I'll sit on the couch and hear something fall and realize it was the Chandu plushie that had been sitting on the back of it. Or it could be nothing at all. Suddenly an image of, say, Mermaid Lagoon will flash across my mind and I'll reeeeeeeeally want to go there. Athena says she was randomly thinking of the Venetian gondola rides just last night.

This is actually a very good thing, though. Because we're realizing more and more that we really just hate traveling. We hate packing, we hate sitting on trains or planes for several hours at a time, we hate leaving our cats alone. We just hate traveling. But! For Disneysea, we'd do it all again. Because Disneysea is truly made of awesome. And I really want to see that Legend of Mythica show. I hope they're still showing it next time we go there.

When we were in Japan, Dad's cousin Richard told us that no matter how much we hate traveling, Japan would get to us and we'd have to go back. For several weeks, I wasn't sure he was right. But now I do believe he was.

Now if only it weren't so expensive.

Today I'm thankful for fond memories of Disneysea, the Scuttle Scooter, no smoking fish signs, the idea of walking through Agrabah's marketplace with the Aladdin marketplace music playing (just like in the movie!), and effective motivators.
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