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Deja vu

I was trying to think about what I'd post today, and I ended up feeling like I was in that deja vu episode of Scrubs. (Which, incidentally, was on last night...) (And then after I typed that parenthetical, I started staring squinty-eyed into space like JD does...)

It was kind of like this:

Man, we're so busy with work these days. (still)
Boy, it sure is a good thing we finished work early today, because I'm starting to get sick. (again)
Too bad we're actually behind schedule because we had that rush job. (again)
Only we're actually ahead of schedule, because two of our projects were put on hold. (Oh wait, that one's new.)

Technically, that last one is only sort of new. We had the same thing happen back when the TokyoPop restructure hit, only that time it was only one title, and more (we think) indefinite. This time, it's two titles, and we think it's because we're so far ahead with them that the accountants are like, "Dude, why are we paying so much money for stuff that's not going to see the light of day for like a year?" Or more; we don't pay attention to release schedules (except for Phoenix Wright, which comes out at the end of this month; everybody buy it!!!). Also, that's complete and total speculation on our part, but I do remember being told once that that happens, when it happened once before.

Anyway, we'll be sad to put off working on two great titles, and a little sad that we'll be making a little less money than we were planning this year, but with our impending schedule of doom (aka October), it's a very very very good thing. Especially since I was thinking about the deadlines for that one week when we have our three most time-consuming titles (we're assuming on the third one, since it's new to us) due, and I realized that Celeste's wedding is at exactly the same time. And then Athena realized that we'd have people staying with us, and there's no telling what effect that would have on our work schedule.

And so, we finished work early today, we get a little bit of extra relaxation in, and I end up typing, once again, about our work schedule on LJ. Like JD says, when you've been working at something for five years, things are bound to repeat themselves. The funny thing is that most of the repetition has only been in about the last four months. But, to end things on a random note, why is "deja" in Firefox's dictionary but not "vu"?

Today I'm thankful for getting a little extra time for the Big Three (that reminds me of one time in Kazuya Minekura's blog she told about one time she was getting close to a deadline and her editor asked if there was anything he could get for her and she started to say, "T..." and he said, "Other than time."), manga artists' blogs, having a group of manga we can call the Big Three (all for different companies, too! Awesome!), being easily amused, and Yukitaka's storyline being so cute♥
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