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Meet Oreo and Mimsy!

We've been thinking lately that it was about time to post a picture of each of our cats, since everyone's been hearing so much about Oreo (or at least everyone who's reading), so here are some links! I tried to post them here, but Photo Bucket's being weird, so this is my quick fix.

Oreo had gotten quite fond of the PS3 before we took him to the vet. We haven't been playing it much since then, so maybe that's why he doesn't seem to care about it as much these days--it's just not as cool anymore.

And the lovely Miss Mimsy. She's such a pretty cat, I feel bad that we can't get the prettiest pictures of her.

Especially because if the lighting's wrong, she'll end up looking like a Heartless from Kingdom Hearts

I apologize if the quality's bad. We're horrible slackers when it comes to pictures, as I'm sure everyone who's been wondering whatever happened to the pictures we supposedly took when we went to Japan has figured out. Maybe someday we'll get around to posting them... but there are so many of them we'd want to resize them and stuff. And of course, with Photo Bucket being weird...

We still haven't decided what to do about tomorrow. We're probably going to suck it up and go, but the more I think about it, the less appealing it is. I guess we should just stop thinking about it.

We've been informed that the Disney Movie Club's featured title this month is The Nightmare Before Christmas. We actually don't own that one, so we'll probably get it, except for one very important problem: we have a fear of claymation. Okay, so The Nightmare Before Christmas is actually stop-motion animation and so I don't think it's technically claymation... or is it? Either way, it's a lot like claymation, and we've always had a fear of it. I don't know why. It started when we were very very young; we'd both have nightmares featuring claymation. Claymation and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Athena thinks it's because of those weird Adam and Eve things they had on the Disney Channel back then. We'd get it anyway because Nightmare Before Christmas features so prominently in Kingdom Hearts (how easily we can be swayed...), but it's a double feature with James and the Giant Peach, also stop-motion animation. We haven't actually seen it, though, so maybe we'd really like it, but I'd hate to get a DVD and end up never watching it because of our fear of claymation. Though I suppose we could find a good home for it if we decide we don't like it. But man, Roald Dahl's books are creepy enough without being claymation. In fact, the books themselves have a creepiness much like the creepiness of claymation--like they were written in claymation. So I guess it's the perfect medium for a movie based on a Roald Dahl book. We'll have to think about this.

The weird thing about the Disney Movie Club lately is that every time we've ordered the featured title, somehow, I don't know if it's some computer glitch or if we're clicking things accidentally, we always end up with an order for a random sequel we never even thought about buying. So now we have Peter Pan II and The Jungle Book II. We've never seen the first one, but I've been curious about it since it was actually released in theaters. We have seen the Jungle Book II, because Haley Joel Osment plays Mowgli, and we were completely obsessed with the Osment boy after we played through Kingdom Hearts. That's also why we've seen the Country Bears movie (which actually isn't so bad). I guess it's a good chance to try new things, but I hope it doesn't keep up. It's just not very economical. (Of course, if it does keep up, we'll contact them to see what's going on.)

Today I'm thankful for pictures of kitties, surprise Disney movies, getting to talk to home teachers last night, leftover ice cream, and having Chex Mix to eat later tonight.
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