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Shiny and maybe not-so-shiny

I had an idea how shiny the package we got from Play Asia was, but it's the kind of thing you don't really realize until you open it up and see for yourself. After the shiny jewelry that came with the Haruka thing with the long title 4 treasure box, we got really excited and ordered the treasure box for the new Haruka thing with the long title DS game. And that's what arrived yesterday.

The idea was that, since there was only one necklace that came with Haruka 4, we'd get the next treasure box, and then we could trade jewelry. But then Haruka DS (for brevity's sake; it's really Harukanaru Toki no Nakade: Yume no Ukihashi) had to go and come with two pieces of jewelry. What is its problem? Ah well, they're both very shiny. But that's not what had us jumping up and down in excitement.

The cause of our poinging was in another of the extras: the autographed script. We still haven't been able to determine for sure if each of the scripts that were sent out were autographed individually or if they just used xeroxed copies, like when Maaya Sakamoto came to AX and they gave out "autographed" program thingies, but it sure looks like genuine autographs, and we know they made the actors for the Haruka stage show sign stuff individually, because we saw Yorihisa sitting there signing stuff on one of the extras. So that's the assumption we were working under last night (even though now we're still not so sure). And so we looked at Akira Ishida's and Soichiro Hoshi's autographs, and we were like, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, he touched it! He actually touched this very script! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" It wasn't quite the same feeling as when we would translate scenes in Higurashi with Irie-sensei (played by Toshihiko Seki in the anime) and we'd be like, "Wow, we so met him," but it was very fangirly. Especially when we took into account the fact that the cover was bent on the edge, but in the middle (as opposed to on a corner), so it was like maybe somebody accidentally bent it. Like a voice actor who was signing autographs♥

And we were so excited, I couldn't help but blog about it. The game itself is also very shiny, but very small (it's on DS). It makes it a little bit hard for me, because I watch while Athena plays, but that's okay; I'll manage.

In the meantime, we're faced with the decision of what to do this Saturday. This Saturday is the grape picking for our stake. See, the LDS Church is all about service and taking care of people, like the poor who need food, so we have places all over the country, like farms and dairies and things, for the express purpose of helping to meet those needs. They're (almost?) entirely volunteer-run, so, depending on what's in your area, your ward will be asked to help out with stuff a few times or so a year. When we were in southern California, there was a peach orchard, and we'd go pick peaches, or early in the season, we'd thin out the peach trees so the peaches would grow all big and stuff. We hated it. We are so Not farming types. We are very, very happy to sit at our desk all day translating manga. (And of course it doesn't help that farmwork always happens early early early in the morning.)

Here in Fresno, they make raisins. As Athena puts it, we're morally opposed to raisins. We don't like them by themselves, and we especially hate them in cookies.

So, here in Fresno, where we didn't want to come to begin with, we put farming together with raisins, and there's something that equals the opposite of anything I would ever want to do. Okay, so I'm sure there are plenty of things I would hate more than harvesting grapes in order to make raisins. But we really don't like the idea.

On the other hand, it's service, and we've actually had to rely on church welfare food before (though not raisins, ew), so of course it would be a good thing to do. Still, we've always refused to go, to the point where I thought people had stopped bothering to ask. (Not that that's a good thing, of course.)

But this year, Steve is taking Kimee for the first time, so it's his idea that we can go, and then, when Kimee inevitably gets too tired to pick any more grapes, she can join us, who, according to his apparent imagined scenario, had already gotten tired of picking grapes and were waiting in the car, ready to play DS with her. I'm not sure where he gets the idea that we would just stop picking grapes if we'd already yanked ourselves out of bed and were busy working. I guess not many people see us working, so they don't realize that we usually keep at something at least until we get to a good stopping point. They haven't seen the countless times we've decided there was no way we were ever going to find whatever the heck that stupid line in the manga was referring to and decided to give up, only to keep going for several minutes until we actually find it or decide that it really, truly is impossible. And believe me, it takes a long time to convince us something is impossible.

But anyway, this means that going to pick grapes would not only be a general service, but would also serve as a favor. Unless Kimee stops picking grapes before we do (which actually seems likely) and goes back to the car only to be bored while she waits for us to get back, something that might not happen until everybody's done. Then we wouldn't really have done any favors to anyone, just the general service (though that would probably be a good thing). Although on the other hand, we are pathetic weaklings and we might be forced to stop. But on the other hand again, we're pretty good at forcing ourselves to keep going regardless. Have you seen us at Disneyland? (It could be argued that with Disneyland we have more motivation, but I think we have a higher work ethic than that.)

Maybe he meant we would be done first because our ward would be done with their rows first?

Now I'm not trying to justify not going. Certainly not. Obviously going would be a good thing to do. It's a question of whether or not we want to go. Of course the answer to that is no. But do we want to help Kimee enough to go anyway? That has yet to be decided.

If we don't go, we'll be able to rest more (something we need to make sure to do the way our schedule's been lately), and we'll be far more likely to get more cleaning done in our apartment. This suddenly got to be far more important when Dad called and asked if he and his wife could stay with us when they came over here for Celeste's wedding.

Sigh. The whole thing is just making me tired. We're going to have to keep thinking on this one.

Today I'm thankful for shiny autographed scripts, having lots of time to play our shiny new video game yesterday, twenty-four Hachiyo in one shiny package!, Higurashi translation picking up, and cookies with no raisins.
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