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But I still can't quite think straight.

We finished work early today! Yay! I feel like I'm always cheering about the same things. But this time it's especially happy, because now all we have left is the super-long volume of Higurashi before we go over to our September schedule (though technically Higurashi is also due in September, but for some reason we always count it as our last book of the month), and our September schedule is love. Love in the sense that we only have four things due, and at least one of them will be very easy to translate. October, on the other hand, will be murder. Our three most text-heavy titles, all due within one week. So hopefully we'll get a head start in September.

But in the meantime, tomorrow we find out exactly how scary this volume of Higurashi is going to be, and then I'll be even more happy, because I'll know. Of course, if it proves to be really scary, I might not be so much more happy.

But anyway, I guess now I have some time to do some manga reviewing!

It's possible that we're not the only ones here reading Bus Gamer, but since I want more people to read it, then I need to make this spoiler-free, right? Now the tricky thing is remembering what on earth happened. It wasn't that long ago that we read it, but we've had so much stuff inbetween, it's already been buried in the clutter of my mind. But if you've seen the anime, yeah, that's pretty much it.

For those of you who don't know, Bus Gamer is by the creator of Saiyuki, and we like the characters so much there are some times when we might even say we like it better. But of course, they often switch places, usually with Saiyuki as number one, because, dude, it's Goku. But then again, it's Saitoh. Of course Saitoh is our favorite of the Bus Gamer guys, because we like the cute little guys who try to keep smiling all the time. (Note: Saitoh is actually pretty big, but he seems little because of his adorable attitude.)

Oh right, and we finally got to see the first episode of the anime, too! Man, Toki is drawn well in that thing. Very, very good-looking. Fortunately, the animation is a lot more animated than the Saiyuki Burial OVAs. The voices didn't quite fit my image of the characters at first, but as the episode went on, they matched more and more. As Kenichi Suzumura, the voice of Toki, points out, there are some things that didn't quite make it into the anime, so make sure to read the manga!

Incidentally, we're not talking about the Pilot Edition (which is also very awesome, and available in English! (but apparently with a lot of swearing)). We're talking about the new version that started running in Rex Magazine a while back. The story starts over from the very beginning, telling about when AAA first became a team, and how they came up with their lack of a name and everything.

Um... I'm not very coherent here, am I? Anyway, Bus Gamer's a good manga, so if you get a chance, check it out!

Also, the extras on the limited edition anime DVD were really fun. This episode came with Toki on the cover, so they had a little interview with Kenichi Suzumura, only they filmed all the extras at the same time, so the other two voice actors (Junichi Suwabe as Nakajyo and Hiroki Takahashi as Saitoh) were sitting behind him, commenting on all his answers. We don't want to give them all away, of course, but one question they asked him was who would he want to have on a team for the Bus Game. Immediately he answered, "Boin-chan." "Boin," of course, is the sound made by giant breasts. And for the third member, he'd want somebody super strong. I guess he'd be messing around with Boin-chan while Mr. Macho (as named by Suwabe-san) beat up the other team.

They also talked about how it's actually pronounced "biz" not "bus," so don't get confused. (And it's not "busu (ugly)" either.)

Well, I tried to review it. I don't think I succeeded. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for having a little bit of extra time today, friendly calls from the vet checking in on Oreo, the extras on the Bus Gamer limited edition DVDs, getting a package which we can only assume is our Chrno Crusade DVDs, and being done for the day making phonecalls to people we don't know very well.
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