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I feel like I've done a lot of complaining here lately. (I'm not saying I have been; just that I feel like I have been.) It's kind of weird, too, because I'm pretty happy with life right now. Though technically, I feel like I've been talking about things that could be construed as complaining, without thinking about how negative they are until after I've posted the entry, because usually by the time I type about it (at least lately), I'm over it. So I feel like I need to type about something positive, but then the day is pretty uneventful, and I don't want to take the time to remember something like a happy manga review (I really do want to write about Saiyuki and DN Angel), because I still have a column to write. And that sounds like more complaining, so it's all kinds of... something I can't come up with the word for. It's been kind of a long work day. But we got six whole pages done on Kieli, so we're pretty happy (our usual goal is three). Just tired.

But! There is something that I wanted to mention when it happened but then I had too much other stuff going on and then I kept forgetting about it. Though come to think of it, I'm not sure if it's very exciting, but it made us pretty happy. Bandai, and consequently Dot Anime, have been moving stuff around to other warehouses and stuff, so we had to re-order volume four of Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time. This was actually pretty decent timing, because it happened right when we desperately wanted to order the Gundam Seed movies. So we did that, and a while later, the UPS guy knocked on the door with a package. I figured it might be our DVDs, but the box was a lot bigger than I would expect from just four DVDs.

Curiosity had to wait, though, because we still had work to do, so we left the package in the living room and forgot about it until work was over. And then! we opened to find that, while apparently we missed out on the special bookmark that would have come with the Haruka DVD preorder (we're sorry, Shimon!), they did send us another special gift! And it was the figure of Raquel that came with special edition volume 2 Scrapped Princess DVDs! We were a little worried about what we'd do with the volume 2 DVD, since we got the whole series at AX, but they already took care of that by taking the DVD out. They're probably giving the figures away so they can make more room in the warehouses, but hey, free figures for us! Woohoo! I wonder if we order something else if they'll send us Shannon...

Today I'm thankful for getting a lot done on Kieli (relatively), finally having the volume of Haruka with Eisen's Big Episode, still having the Shining Tears single (we hadn't listened to it for a while, so we popped it in again last night, and you can totally hear Hoshi-san smiling! smiles are the best, and Hoshi-san has a good one), tiny chewy Sweet Tarts, and having our voters' registration ready to put in the mail! Woohoo!
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