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We're ready to go again! ...after making sure we get plenty of work out of the way.

I feel like today was a long day, but I don't really think it was. Maybe it's because we listened to long CDs while working so breaks didn't come as frequently? Oh well.

Anyway, I still haven't finished reporting about Disneyland, have I? Even when I make special efforts to not spend as long reporting, somehow it just never works out that way.

-Sarah was pretty sure that her boyfriend was planning to propose at Disneyland. I think I've mentioned this before but maybe not recently enough for some people, so I'll mention again that all the girls in our family have claimed a Disney princess, although Athena and I actually just pretend we have a claim on all of them and just don't talk about it much. But anyway, Sarah's princess is Snow White, so, knowing that her boyfriend was going to propose, she made sure to take him by Snow White's wishing well (just outside the castle to the east). She also made sure to point out, when we were in the animation building and the boy wanted to watch the "I Know You" sequence from Sleeping Beauty because he likes how smooth Prince Philip is when he approaches Briar Rose, that Snow White's prince is smooth too, when he comes up to her after she sings "I'm Wishing." Unfortunately, there were too many people around the wishing well whenever they were there (which is weird, because usually there's nobody there unless Snow White herself is out and about), so the boy chose not to use any of that knowledge.

-Instead he asked her to marry him right as Fantasmic! was starting. There was something like a cute story in there, but hello? Fantasmic? (It's not really my story to tell, and to be honest, I was a little too stressed out when I heard it to bother remembering the details... eheh...)

-Despite their girls both watching the show, the boys were talking. We were trying to watch the show ourselves, which is why it took us so long to figure out that they were actually reacting to the show, which we can accept. But because we didn't figure it out so long, we had to suppress the rage that we felt at the fact that we had just spent two and a half hours making sure these people got the best seats possible and they weren't even bothering to pay attention. But we're okay now.

-We didn't hear that the boy had proposed because everybody else was eager to get back to the hotel room. We, on the other hand, still had two and a half hours before the park closed, and we wanted to use them, so we parted ways.

-We thought they would start the fireworks right after Fantasmic! ended, but they gave people a little time to clear out first. We decided it would be safest to get out while the getting was good, but it took us so long that as soon as we stood up, the lights went off so the fireworks could start. We'd never seen this particular fireworks show from anywhere but Main Street, which is really the best place to see it (I mean, dude, if you're in Main Street, you have fireworks going off all around you, literally), but there were a few neat little things that we never got to see before. For example, they would shoot lasers from Tom Sawyer's Island during the Tomorrowland part, and they had sparkly lights there (already installed for Fantasmic!) that would light up at strategic parts in the music. The best was when they did the Haunted Mansion part, because they shone green lights all around the water (oh right, Fantasmic! takes place on the Rivers of America) and had the fog machines going. It was super creepy and awesome. Still, if you see the fireworks from Main Street Plaza, you have fireworks going up all around you, and they shine lights shaped like ghosts flying up on the castle and Matterhorn Mountain, and I was like afraid for my life. Far more awesome.

-Speaking of things we hadn't seen before, there were some new tweakings on Fantasmic!. They had special shaped lights that they shone on the stage for one, and for another, they had redone the costumes. So Prince Eric wears loose-fitting navy-ish pants instead of the tight, light-blue sequined pants he wore before. Despite the new pants being more manly, I'm a little sad. They also changed Mickey's sword so it shoots fireworks like he does in the show's opening number, but I like the original better. Much more Legend of Zelda.

-After the fireworks, we headed to Tomorrowland for Star Tours and Finding Nemo. We didn't go on them earlier because Star Tours gives the sisters headaches and Finding Nemo is still new enough that we didn't think the rest of our party would think the wait in line would be worth it.

-In line to Star Tours, I noticed they had the... you'd think I'd know what exactly they're called by now... the boards like at airports, that list all the flights that are coming and going and whether they're on time or not and all that stuff. Star Tours being an interstellar flight and all, they have those in the line. Only they don't change, or even look like they could change, so it's a little disappointing. When I saw them, I pointed and said, "Those would be a lot cooler if they changed." The nearby cast member heard me and said, "Yeah. This ride is going to be upgraded in a few years; hopefully they'll change it." This was a key sentence for us, because for years now we've been of the opinion that they should offer flights to places other than the Moon of Endor, so I said, "It would be really cool if they offered different flights, like one to Tattooine..." I started to say, "And you could get mixed up in the pod race..." but she caught me first and said, "I think they're going to do that, but I'm not sure." I reeeeeeeeeally hope they do. It would be especially awesome, because it would mean that somehow our ideas do make it, eventually, to the people who can make them a reality. Although maybe we should work on getting them to them directly, instead of just voicing them to the universe in general and hoping they find their way.

-As we got close to the ride on Finding Nemo, somebody else in line asked one of the cast members in charge of boarding guests if the submarines run on gas. We learned that while they used to run on diesel (Tomorrowland used to reek of exhaust), they now run on electric power. Each submarine runs on a battery until it gets to a certain point, where it starts to get its power from the tracks. That's just neat.

-The cast member also mentioned that Autopia still runs on gas (maybe because we mentioned the exhaust smell), and I said, "Yeah, it is sponsored by Chevron." And he said, "Well, it's sponsored by Chevron, but we get the gas from Arco. It's cheaper." You'd think that as part of attraction sponsorship, Chevron would supply the gas, too.

-I really like the Finding Nemo ride a lot.

-We went on Indiana Jones one last time, and they were still letting people get in line when we got off, so we were sorely tempted to go again, but decided we were too exhausted after all. We got sustenance on Main Street, bought some candy for people who couldn't come, and headed back to the hotel, where we found out Sarah was officially engaged.

-Despite getting up at four-thirty to leave, we were all pretty well awake about an hour or so into our trip when a car in front of us on the highway spun out and ended up skidding along on its roof. Athena says she saw it start to spin out, but she didn't see how it flipped over. We saw four people get out and no major injuries (or no major visible ones), and Celeste called 911. We think they were mostly okay, except of course for the car.

-While driving us to the vet later that day, Mom told us that Aurora was upset that nobody told her we were going to Disneyland. I had no idea she would have wanted to go with us. I'm not sure we would have been able to handle the excitement if she did, but we're always up for a challenge.

And I think that finally covers it. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for making it safely home from Disneyland, most (if not all) of the people in the accident being relatively safe, learning new Disneyland trivia, the hope that they might actually offer new flights on Star Tours, and making our page quota today (things were looking kinda iffy at first).
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