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Today was just one of those whiny-voiced, "I don't wanna wo-orrrrrk!" days. But we persevered, and we have a shiny postcard to show for it! Still, it's kind of weird that it would take longer to reformat something than it would to translate it in the first place. What is up with that?

We have some other stuff to do, so I don't know if I'll get to mention everything I want to about Disneyland, but I can at least make a start.

Let's see, where was I...?

-Sarah and her boyfriend were saying they were about ready to leave California Adventure at around five o'clock. The reason? They were tired. Athena and I were tired from lack of sleep and the fact that we spend most of our time never moving in our apartment, but these two are athletes. The mind boggles. After they experienced Mulholland Madness (the miniature roller coaster that Sarah says she'd never been on before, but we have a hard time believing it), they hit their second wind.

-Second winds are important because, since we were going to be leaving for Fresno at five in the morning on Saturday, there was talk of maybe, oh, not watching Fantasmic! and the fireworks on Friday. I think there are a few people on our friends list who can imagine the explosions we had to hold back on hearing this. Instead, and Athena and I had been thinking of it anyway, because we wanted to go back to Disneyland to buy pillows, we watched the fireworks on Thursday and caught the earlier showing of Fantasmic! on Friday. I do wish people would be a little more expressive with their reactions to it than, "Yeah, it was good." Dude, that's the freakin' awesomest fireworks show ever! Come ON! Or maybe they disagree. We'll never know.

-Which brings me to my next point--people seem to be afraid to express opinions in general, but mostly when they like stuff. So maybe a lack of reaction means it was good? That's the definition of aggravating.

-Both of the boys had decided that their plan was to sit back and follow. We kind of got the feeling that this was less because we're more familiar with Disneyland and how to enjoy it but more because they were afraid to decide to do anything and end up not liking it. (As evidenced by the frequent silences when we presented a few options and asked what everybody wanted to do.) I think people these days are too afraid of "wasting time" by doing something they don't like, and so they don't want to try anything unless they're pretty sure they'll like it. I think they miss out on a lot of cool stuff this way.

-When hit by moments of annoyance due to the above, we think of how relying on someone else to make decisions too much can lead to even worse consequences than making a poor decision. For example, we could have decided, since everyone was choosing to follow us, that we were going to go on It's a Small World, which we happen to really like, but which most "normal" people seem to despise.

-The attraction in question was closed for refurbishment or we so would have.

-Right, back to positive notes. When we were making our way to Aladdin's Oasis to watch the little Indiana Jones show (Celeste had expressed an interest in seeing it), we saw the following: A middle-aged couple was walking down the street, staring at their event schedule and completely oblivious to everything around them. Captain Jack Sparrow, most likely on his way to New Orleans Square, walked up behind them and started scrutinizing the schedule (it kind of looks like the maps) over the man's shoulder. The couple didn't notice for quite some time. When they finally turned around, Jack snatched the schedule away from them, glanced over it, and shoved it back at them as if it hadn't really been any help after all.

-Sarah's boyfriend had been under the impression that the Haunted Mansion wasn't a ride but a simple walk through. It just goes to show that something we think of as common knowledge may not be so common after all.

-If someone in your party says, before you head out, "I'm hungry, but I'm not going to eat anything because I don't like eating breakfast," make them eat anyway. Chances are someone who won't eat breakfast despite being hungry and having food easily available is also the type of person who will be grumpy later when their blood sugar drops. Keep the blood sugar high!

-They changed the recording at the end of the Matterhorn so it says to keep your seatbelt fastened, too. We have reached the end of an era.

-As we were getting off the Haunted Mansion, I stepped out with my left foot first like the wannabe Ghost Host told me to and proceeded to bang my knee on the edge of the Doom Buggy. The next ride we went on was the Winnie the Pooh ride, and despite getting out on the opposite side, I banged the same knee on the beehive. It's still purple almost a week later.

-Athena got out of the Doom Buggy with her right foot first and she is completely bruise-free. What could it mean?

-We always did have issues with the substitute Ghost Host and his snide angry voice.

-Why am I complaining so much?

-The Tiki Room makes me happier than I remember.

-A piece of... whatever it is on the... guys... who do the dancing... on the stilts... for the Lion King float in the parade... Anyway, a piece of it (it's like colored grass?) came off and Athena picked it up and we kept it as a souvenir. But now it's all folded up because otherwise it wouldn't fit in my fanny pack.

-It was fun going around stores and stuff with Sarah and her boyfriend.

-We finally decided we wanted to buy Jedi Training Academy hats after all, and the cashier who rang up our purchase was like from the French Isles or something. The cast member nametags have where everybody is from, but his just said Cerritos College. I can't place accents for the life of me but it sounded... Jamaican? He was really cool.

-We didn't buy the hats until after the long lunch line in the sun (apparently someone ahead of us had credit card problems; I waited with the boys for a long time--Athena eventually figured out that that would be a good time to run and get fast passes for Space Mountain), so our scalps still got sunburned. But we at least had them for the parade (also in the sun).

-I found the hidden Mickey on Space Mountain! Yay me!

-Why was the line to Space Mountain so short when the line to Star Tours was so long?

-Certain members of our party were being stupid about Space Mountain pictures so we left to save seats for Fantasmic! in a huff. I don't think they got the message, but we had awesome seats for Fantasmic!.

-The pictures were pretty awesome, but I think one of the couples could have been more original (both were kissing for the camera). And if they wanted them, they really should have bought them. Stupids.

-I think I may have to stop saving seats for other people for Fantasmic!, because I'm too conflicted. On the one hand, I want people to stay away, because I want to make sure there's room for everyone in our party. But on the other hand, I want everybody to see Fantasmic! and the idea that someone has to miss it because there's no room, when technically there is room at the time they came they just can't use it because some people didn't want to sit and wait there themselves, makes me very very sad.

-In that same vein, a couple and their very young son (maybe around two or three years old?) ended up sitting right in front of us. The dad came by looking for seats and seemed kind of anxious about it, and there was still room, assuming the people in our group weren't huge (I never remember anyone's size), so we offered them the space (right, like it's ours). We passed the time talking to the mom about our experiences with Disneyland while the dad took the son on a few more rides. They were from Chicago.

-Sarah and her boy joined us about an hour before Fantasmic! started, because Sarah managed to catch on to one of the several times Athena suggested that people might want to, you know, help us save seats, and so they had decided that would be a good time for dinner. When they got to where we were, the most unexpected thing happened: somebody said thank you. I don't know when it got to be so unexpected--we used to save seats for people all the time and usually I think they were grateful, but I guess it was about 2004 when a certain someone would make arrangements for us not to go to Disneyland with her so much as to be there the same day she was there with her friends so that we could save seats for all of them.

I still have a little more to talk about, but it's going to have to wait for later.

Today I'm thankful for our Jedi Training Academy hats, fun cashiers, fast passes for Space Mountain, the kids in the standby line when we used fast passes for Indiana Jones who held out their hands for high fives as we walked by, and people saying thank you.
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