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I really hope this being on a roll thing keeps up, because we still have to catch up on all the Kieli translating we'd been slacking on. But tomorrow we're reworking our DN Angel translation, and that only took between three and three and a half hours to do the first time, so we think we're in pretty good shape. We think as long as the next volume of Higurashi doesn't kill us (it's literally about three hundred pages long (most manga is around 180)), we'll be alright.

In the meantime, I still have Disneyland reporting to do!

I was thinking I would do this in kind of bullet-note form, just listing the things that were unique to this trip, but it may not actually turn out that way, so we'll see.

-Even though we reserved rooms with two beds, we were given rooms with one bed. Athena and I chose to sleep on the floor, I guess because we like to be martyrs? But they didn't leave us extra pillows and for some reason I didn't want to go ask for any, so the first night was awful. I know I got to sleep, because it didn't feel like I was awake all night, but I didn't feel like I slept either. Of course, being annoyed at people didn't help. Sarah offered to give one of us her spot on the bed for the next night, but we had already devised a plan to buy pillows on Main Street, so we kept the floor. We got pillows shaped like Tigger and Eeyore, and they became our new best friends.

-There's a shop right next to the animation building in California Adventure called Off the Page, where they basically sell a lot of Disney collectibles. One of its unique features is that you can also buy a sketch drawn Right There in Front of You by an official Disney Animator. (Or at least I assume they're actually Disney animators, because that's what they tell us about the guys who teach the drawing classes in the animation building, and they draw really well and really fast, like animators.) They have a big book you can look through of drawings you can request which was very confusing at first because, growing up, we always remembered the movies in order that we saw them (Little Mermaid came first, then Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, etc.), so what the heck was Tarzan doing so close to Sleeping Beauty? Oh right, alphabetical order. So we were looking through it as the Disney animator who was on call came back to his station and started drawing Tinkerbell (for the heck of it or because everybody wants Tinkerbell, we'll never know) while we talked about the lack of pictures of, say, Beast in human form. And why do they have Ratigan but not Basil? And why can I get the Horned King but not Beast in human form? Or even Taran for that matter (it was Animator Guy who pointed out the lack of Taran and Basil). So we put in our requests for sketches we might like to by in the future, and ran off to the Monsters, Inc. ride. Someday, we'll buy sketches from that place. I think it would be awesome to just hang out and talk to the animators, too. Now if only I was better at wondering how being an animator works.

-While Sarah and her boyfriend were on Tower of Terror and I was in the bathroom, Athena discovered that sometimes the guys dressed as Green Army Men from Toy Story will lead people in Extreme Skipping.

-We've known for a while that there are real live cats running around Disneyland, and this time we saw two! An orange stripey one ran from the winery place by the parade route, and later at Farmers Market a black and white one came out in search of leftover chicken and/or fish. The black and white one got really close to us, and Sarah's boy, who is a dog person, beckoned it closer. When Sarah marveled at his interest in a cat, an animal he supposedly hates, he picked up his plastic knife in fake-menacing-ness. It made me wonder again why it is that some dog people seem to hate cats so vehemently.

-The Pixar Play Parade is super fun, and was invented by a genius, but what we don't understand is why they go around when it's finally starting to cool off. The main idea of it seems to be to squirt the audience with water. It starts with Lightning McQueen and two dancers dressed as McQueen's personal carwash, and just goes from there. The dancers had super fun costumes, like the carwash. The Incredibles' backup dancers were all dressed as sound effects, which would have been even more awesome if they had all been different sound effects, but unfortunately, they were all "Kapow!"

-We got squirted directly a lot. I guess we have some kind of aura that attracted Disneyland parade dancers. I hope it's an "I Love Disney!!!!" aura, because then hopefully the higher ups will notice and maybe something will come of it, like winning something in the Year of a Million Dreams.

-Disneyland audiences are getting less and less excited and more and more boring. There's a part in the Play Parade where they chant, "Play, play! Play paraaade!" and then ask the audience to repeat it. Guess who didn't? Just about everybody. Lame. I would say, "Maybe it was just a bad audience day," but I feel like it's happened every time we've been lately.

-On the other hand, when we were at Disneyland the next day, watching the Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams (it's an awesome parade, but I do wonder if Mr. Disney would really call it "his"), I got the feeling that, while the audience was pretty listless at first, as we kept cheering and screaming, everybody else caught on to the fact that it's okay for them to do it too, so by the end of the parade, everybody seemed more excited. (Of course, it might not have been our influence; I just like to think that and use the fact that the dancers with squirt guns kept coming right at us as a backup argument.)

-The float in the Play Parade with Woody on it had guys dressed like cowboys swing around these bars (kind of like the uneven bars in gymnastics, only there was only one for each guy) and it was super awesome. They distracted us from the rest of the parade. Good thing they came at the end.

-We really appreciate that this new parade doesn't stop and have all the floats do "special" things at certain intervals in the parade. Trying to figure out where all the floats are going to stop so we can see what cool stuff they do during that time was really getting to be a pain. We just can't afford to go to Tokyo Disneyland that often!

-The parades also reminded me how powerful smiles are. The dancers all had these big beautiful smiles on their faces and you couldn't look at them and not be (at least temporarily) happy. We need to smile more.

-Grizzly River Run really is a very social ride. I think we talk to more random strangers on that ride than doing anything else aside from saving seats for Fantasmic!. And actually conversing, too. Not just like, "Hey, cool shirt." "Thanks."

-Chocolate brownie funnel cake is made of awesome.

-California Adventure has a huge geographical flaw in that it has a giant ocean smack in the middle of it, and if you want to get from the Toy Story ride and the Sun Wheel on Paradise Pier to Grizzly River Run in Condor Flats, you have a super lot of walking to do. This wouldn't have been as much of a problem if our group had been more interested in the carnival rides inbetween. We should have ditched them for a while to go on the Orange Stinger (swings that spin in a circle, but a big one so there's not really much dizziness). I don't understand why that's scary and California Screamin' (giant roller coaster with a loop) isn't.

-Tokyo's Electrical Parade still kicks California Adventure's Electrical Parade's butt, but sparkly lights are always sparkly.

-Sarah's boyfriend failed to get stung by hornets on It's Tough to Be a Bug. Not because he knew they were coming, but because he was randomly dodging anything that might come at him. That's no fun. And I even forced myself to stay in place and not avoid it this time!

-I don't think I've ever used the word "super" this much in one entry before. Unless maybe I had one about Superman?

-A comment was made on someone's LJ recently that men are more likely to be direct about what they want and how they feel than women, but the boys on this trip mostly only told us what they wanted to do through their girlfriends, despite our being in the same group the whole entire time. Either the idea that men are more direct is completely false, these boys are total pansies, or Athena and I are just that scary. Of course, with me writing things like that about people in our LJ, it could very easily be the latter. That would explain a lot of things about our social life. Like the fact that it's practically non-existent. We should maybe fix that, but other than that last comment about the boys, I'm not entirely sure what exactly we need to fix. Maybe smiling more, like I already mentioned.

-We don't get to go into Ursula's Lair much. It's fun; we should do it more often. (She takes your voice and puts it in Disney movies!)

Well, I think I've been at that long enough for today. More random thoughts on Disneyland and DCA (Disney's California Adventure) later.

Today I'm thankful for our awesome new pillows, smiling parade dancers, getting to watch animators draw stuff, Extreme Skipping (I'm sad I missed it, but I have hope that I'll get a chance to see it again), and having had a little time to catch up on Kieli today.
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