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I think we need more training.

Wowie-zowie, three different projects in one day! We are on fire! Although if we were really in good shape, we wouldn't have to be cramming three projects into one day, but on the other hand, since we actually finished two of those projects, we must not be in bad shape. Still, we're still a little bit in "rush" territory, so I don't want to take up too much time here. But if I don't start talking about Disneyland soon, I'll forget all the stuff I wanted to mention before I get a chance to mention it.

I think the beginning of the drive is a fair (maybe not good, but fair) example of one of our general philosophies of life: Boys are stupid; girls are crazy. We both think that the best example of this philosophy is Higurashi: When They Cry, but I'm not sure if that counts, since it's fictional. But anyway. The drive.

I don't think it would come as a surprise to anyone that, when we go to Disneyland, we like to listen to Disney music on the way there. Now, to be perfectly honest, if nobody had asked, we probably would have just brought our CDs and said, "Hey, we brought these in case anybody wants to listen to them," and if they said, "Well we want to listen to this," then we'd probably go, "Okay, we'll listen to that first and then see what happens," and if the Disney music never got listened to, we might be a little bummed, but it wouldn't have been a big deal. That's just what happens when you rely on other people to drive you places.

But Celeste and Sarah, Sarah especially, knew our preference and had warned (I'm sure her intent was to inform) the boys. Sarah's boyfriend had expressed a desire to Not listen to Disney music, and I think that was what set it all off. You see, girls are crazy, ourselves included. We're Super Obsessed with Disney, and we realize that not everybody likes it as much as we do, but when it gets pointed out, it hurts. Disney is a big part of our lives, and when people reject it, it's like they're rejecting us. Plus, hello, you're going to Disneyland, for crying out loud! What are you doing going to DISNEYLAND!!! if you don't like Disney music? So we were annoyed. But it was decided that we would compromise, and Sarah's boy would bring his "Harry Potter on CD" CDs and we'd trade off.

Boys are stupid. The boy, apparently not realizing that his soon-to-be-fiancee hadn't finished reading Half-Blood Prince (despite the fact that every time it comes up and we're around, she makes it a point to say so), brought his Deathly Hallows CDs. So we couldn't trade of, because some of us don't want to spoil others. ...Okay, I'm getting a little mean here. Calming down now...

I was thinking about it, and I realized that it could be said that the boy was actually being smart. What happened was, Athena suggested we put in one Disney CD, and when it's over, decide what to do from there. So we put in the music, the boy is nice enough to make sure we can hear it in the back... and then he puts his headphones in. So he got to listen to his CDs the whole time, without having to listen to Disney music at all. But on the other hand, it could be said, as I said before, that this was stupid, for two reasons. First, any time anyone fails to consider the feelings of someone supposedly very close to them (like bringing along a CD that would be spoilerish), that's stupid. And second, that's what sparked the Crazy Girl Drama. (Then again, with his headphones, he didn't hear any of it and was spared, but then again again, that wasn't a very nice situation for his girlfriend.)

I like to think that I was assertive at first and said, "You're hurting my feelings," trying to prompt a discussion that would lead to a nice, happy compromise. I don't remember all the details, but Sarah didn't want to argue, and she Would Not talk about it. As far as she was concerned, we were done. Unfortunately for her, we had different ideas. Or I did, anyway. And so I did a horrible horrible thing and sat in the back murmuring. I was aware that Sarah could probably hear everything I was saying, and that was part of why I said... half of it. I was hoping that by saying my feelings to the air, she would figure out why it was upsetting us, and then she could explain to her boyfriend why we were mad at him.

Athena points out that at this point, a lot of people might be wondering, "What's your problem with him having headphones? Everybody gets what they want, right?" Well, it's kind of complicated, because, as is the running theme of this entry, girls are crazy. There are a few things. First, there's the Disney Rejection Complex I mentioned earlier. Second, we hate for people to be "in a group" and all doing separate things. There's no unity, and, as we've learned from our many many many trips to Disneyland, unity is one of the most important factors in everybody having a good time. And both of those together brought up a whole slew of other angst spots and insecurities that made for a general feeling of I Want to Beat Someone's Head In. Or at the very least, I Want to Go Home and Curl Up in a Ball.

It didn't take long for Sarah to blow up at us for all the rude comments we were making. In my defense, I think only a few of them were outright rude (like the one about how we have to listen to country music all the frickin' time), and most of them were just selfish (like the one about how we were shelling out a ton of money for this trip, the least he could do is listen to a little bit of Disney music (not that we begrudge anyone the money; we just think that when someone does you a favor, it's polite to be polite, y'know?)). But then! we got to finally actually discuss the problem, instead of having us just sulking about it, and lo and behold, talking actually works! I always knew it would. If only we could get people to do it more often.

Still, the Angst had been activated, so, even though the rest of the trip was generally pleasant, I was still sad. But it was the kind of sad you just need to get over, and what better to help with that than Disneyland, right?

But the "fun" (quotes to indicate sarcasm) wasn't quite over yet. Sarah's boy had said that the first thing he was going to do was sleep as long as he could. Sarah did at one point say that he usually doesn't sleep in very long, but since we didn't know exactly how long "very long" was going to be, we wanted to make sure we got to the park at a decent time, so we said that if he's not awake by the time we wanted to go, we could just go knock on his door (he had already said he planned to turn his phone off). We thought it was a pretty decent plan, and let's be honest here: lines at Disneyland are an inevitability. No matter how much you wish they weren't there, they're going to be there, so it's best to work around that fact and spend as much time in the park as possible so lines don't prevent you from getting a lot done. And who spends that much to go into an amusement park and then only spends a couple of hours there?

So anyway, we said we told Celeste and Sarah our plan, and Celeste advised us not to do it unless we wanted to start a big fight. What's he going to do, punch us in the face? It wasn't like we were planning to pound on the door and yell or anything. They also told us to give the guy a break, it's his day off. What the heck? Like we're not taking time off ourselves? Like everyday's a vacation for us? The funny thing about it is we actually did go through with our plan (with the added brilliance (courtesy of Athena) of bringing him food from the free breakfast room), and it really didn't seem to be a problem. But the frustrating thing is what is it with this crazy girls who will bend over backwards for anyone with enough testosterone, but only kind of give a nod to any other girls? Oy. No wonder the world is still sexist.

And that's it for all the major drama and homicidal urges (note: exaggeration), but best to end on a happy note, right? The trip did end up being a lot of fun, despite the culture clashes. But I'll talk about that more tomorrow, I think. We still have work to do.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go grocery shopping yesterday, the weather being so much cooler today (a predicted high of 89! from a regular 100, that's pretty dang good), getting that thing finished, having time for video games later tonight, and oh yeah we caught Thursday's Daily Show in reruns last night and found out they're working on the sequel to Night at the Museum! Yay!
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