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I'm an LJ slacker today.

I really was originally planning to at least start writing about the Disneyland trip today, but we got home from church two hours later than expected, and we really just want to do more restful things (while I do enjoy writing in Live Journal, sitting in our hard wooden computer chairs and thinking can be a little bit of a strain when we're already very tired). So I think I just want to write a short entry, but maybe a little bit about Disneyland.

See, the problem we had with Disneyland was the culture clash. We've been to Disneyland a million times or so, and we've worked out a system of how to do things that pretty much seems to get the maximum enjoyment possible. And we've done it so many times now that it seems obvious. But because it seemed so obvious, we failed to explain it to the people who hadn't gone a million times, and so we each had different expectations of how things were supposed to go. The problem was made a little more exasperating by our sisters, who should have known what we expected, going along with what their boys expected. Fortunately, once I realized it was a failure to communicate and we all needed to make things clear, we were all able to fix the problem.

And Mom just called to tell us we have, in fact, been invited to the dessert get together thingie Sarah's new fiance's family (we have two engaged little sisters now) is holding, so we'd better get some presentable clothes on (we bought pretty new Minnie Mouse shirts at Disneyland!) and be off.

Today I'm thankful for pretty new Minnie Mouse shirts, those cookies the Relief Society teacher brought today (super super good), caramel chocolate popcorn (also from Disneyland), seeing Mimsy lick Oreo's face without then proceeding to claw him in it (she's been really defensive toward him since we brought him home on Monday; we think it's the medicine smell?), and communication (I think I've been thankful for this before, but I really do appreciate everybody making sure everybody's on the same page).
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