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Enough adventure to last a while.

We weren't expecting not to post on Wednesday, but Things Came Up. And so we disappeared for three days.

On Tuesday night, Athena noticed that Oreo had some symptoms that we'd been told to watch out for, and so, of course, we panicked again. We tried to stay calm, telling ourselves it was likely a reaction to the medication, and we managed a little calmness. And for further peace of mind, of course again, we called the vet. Oreo doesn't have a regular vet, so we called the Pet ER again, and they said we needed to take him to a regular vet. So we called the vet's office in the PetSmart right by where Mom lives, for convenience to everyone.

We took him in and the vet said it probably was the medication, kept him on an IV for a couple of hours because he'd gotten dehydrated again, and prescribed another drug to help with the side effects. While he stayed on the IV, we stayed at Mom's house and proceeded to not get any work done despite having now three deadlines by Wednesday (mostly stuff that won't take very long, fortunately). But we did get to talk things out and relieve a lot of stress, which was very very good, because we had a lot a lot a lot of stress to relieve. Mom took us to pick Oreo up and she had some questions of her own, which was probably a good thing, because even though it makes me feel a little childish, we were really really really stressed, so it was good to have someone with a clear head around. The vet told us we needed to keep an eye on him, which then of course prompted the question what do we do if we're out of town? Because we would be leaving that night for Disneyland.

And that's how Oreo ended up staying in Sarah's bedroom for three days. Mom couldn't just keep him normally because her cat is super mean, so he stayed in that room with Mimsy, because if Oreo and all his medication were going to be at Mom's anyway, it was a lot easier on her to have Mimsy too. They were stressed out enough by the new environment that they were pretty happy to stay in the one room for the most part, or so Mom tells us, so it worked out pretty well, and Oreo's doing a lot better. We took him to his follow up appointment, and the vet says he's doing alright, but we need to take him back in in a week to make sure, and sooner if anything happens, of course.

Disneyland was fun in a lot of ways and stressful in a lot of others, but we have work to catch up on, so I'll go into more detail later, even though that's where a lot of the adventure I mentioned in the subject line lies. Although having a cat with gastroenteritis (I think that's what they said it was; I'm really too tired to check right now) is pretty exciting in and of itself.

Today I'm thankful for both our kitties being safe and relatively helpful, Mom and Steve being kind enough to let the cats stay at their house, making it home safely from Disneyland, tomorrow being the day of rest, and finally getting our Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya box set in the mail today.
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