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The further adventures of Oreo medication

I think now really is a bad time to be having the blinds closed all the time, although I'm not sure I want to just ignore the painters outside, either. But with Oreo just back from the hospital, every time he does anything--anything at all, like dash off or even sit down--we (or at least I) freak out and wonder if he's okay. When really, if I just stop and think about it, he's not acting any different than normal.

We started medicating him last night, and, as expected, it's not one of the most fun things to do in the world. Although it is kind of thrilling, I guess. I have a band-aid on my arm from where his claw got stuck last night. But now I think I've figured out how to hold him so that I can make sure he doesn't run away while at the same time also making sure my skin stays unbroken. I have to be the one to hold him, because we found out last night that I'm terrible at administering the drugs. Of course, even with two of us, medicine gets spilled, so I'm wondering if there's a special way to clean antibiotics off of sofas. Mostly because I'm paranoid that doing it wrong will have Dire Consequences. We can be such germophobes. And chemical-phobes. Not a good combination when having to deal with medicine.

Our biggest concern now is that, if it takes two of us to make sure he gets his medicine and we still can't guarantee anyone's safety, would it really be a good idea to go out of town and leave him in someone else's care when he still has a few doses left? We shall have to discuss this with Mom, the person in whose care he will left. Maybe, since he's been begging for treats as always and we haven't had any for like a week, Mom will be able to use some to lure him out of hiding.

This is very nerve-wracking, and yet we don't want to cancel the trip. The more we talk to Sarah about it, the more she and her boyfriend seem to be excited about it, even without the possibility of marriage proposals. We do believe in Mom, and Oreo has been acting pretty normal, so at this point we think it's okay. We'll just see what happens, I guess.

In the meantime, we still have a ton of stuff to do, as usual, so back to work! Today I'm thankful for the painters not working on the side of the apartment we work in (so we can keep the blinds open and not work in the dark), having extra time to work on extra stuff today, teamwork, handy measuring tools, and people we can call to calm us down when we're freaking out.
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