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Emotional roller coaster

Or maybe more like emotional log flume? Mostly just drops, but somehow you feel better at the end.

It did kind of start going up, though, because right after I posted yesterday the fully orchestrated version of Guitar's Serenade came up on Gyakuten Meets Orchestra, and that was just too amusing. And we watched the Bus Gamer anime which was totally awesome, and Toki is so pretty. And we watched the extras that came on the limited edition and they were hilarious, and I think I was planning on summarizing them, but I can't quite concentrate right now with everything that's going on.

Mom called and asked us if we had any plans for today, and when she found out we didn't, she told us they were going to have our favorite food for dinner and invited us to join them. That was pretty happy, but also kind of... nervous-making? I guess, because we remembered that the Olympics are going on, and cool as the Olympics may be, the idea of sitting around watching them for several hours when we could be reading manga didn't quite seem like the best of times. It was also a little annoying, because it would mean not getting to go home after church. But sometimes, it's worth it to hang out with people, so we packed some more comfortable clothes and some manga (using bubble wrap; we're so protective of our manga when traveling) and brought it to church with us so we'd be all ready.

Stuff was brought up at church that will require a whole other entry to address properly, so we were already thoughtful and a little nervous about that. And then in the library Sarah came in to inform us that her boyfriend's good friend is getting married on Saturday, so we have to leave super early after our Disneyland trip so he can get back here in time for the wedding. It's a big event so we totally understand, but that doesn't make us any happier about it. We told her (and later her boyfriend) that we weren't mad, but that doesn't mean we're not going to whine about it. Especially because neither of us can sleep in cars, so their attempt at making it better by letting us sleep in the car doesn't really work. Mom came into the library while Sarah was still there, and Sarah mentioned that she might want to go to her boyfriend's for dinner instead, and we mentioned how we didn't want to spend all day watching the Olympics, and Mom said she wouldn't be offended if we rescheduled. We wanted to see people, but if there weren't going to be people around, there wasn't much point. Plus, Celeste, who would have been our ride over there, had gone to her fiance's ward today.

And so with our plans to hang out with people canceled and the idea of having to wake up early after Disneyland, and generally being sad that we don't have anyone to share the awesomeness of Shining Tears with, we were pretty bummed after church. There was a ray of hope in the introduction of Sarah's new friend, who, we're told, used to work at Game Stop. We found out later that she also likes anime, something that can be surmised of someone who worked at Game Stop but not proven without further evidence. But we didn't get to talk to her much, because when she was onscreen (in the movie of our lives), we had to replace the toner in the copy machine, and most of the time we would have spent talking with her was spent doing that instead. But Sarah seems to be on a mission to get us to be friends, so I don't think that will be the last we see of her.

But we were still bummed when we got home from church. Then we were bummed even further to find some cat vomit that we had to clean up. Then we were bummed still further, and a little alarmed, to find out there was yet more cat vomit. So we were like, "Sigh, we'll have to clean that up. I hope the cats are okay." But we decided to check e-mail first. And while we sat down to check e-mail, we noticed Oreo getting ready to throw up again. Fortunately, we had some newspaper on hand to catch it so we wouldn't have to clean it off the carpet. Unfortunately, what he threw up was mostly (probably) stomach acid, and it was red.

We figured that wasn't a natural thing, so we started panicking, but in a logical sort of way. We couldn't call Mom because she was still in church, so we tried calling Sarah. She didn't pick up, so we tried calling former home teacher. He didn't pick up, so we tried calling our occasional anime buddy. She picked up, but she was tied up doing other things and couldn't help. I figured about this time that it might be wise to call the vet and see if we could actually, y'know, take Oreo in. I called the vet at Petsmart, because that's where we took him before, but it being Sunday and all, they were closed. Fortunately, their message for when they're closed starts out by saying, "If this is an emergency, call the emergency pet center at this number." I had to call three times to make sure we got the number right, but I did. I don't remember if I called them or Sarah first, but at any rate, we finally got through to people and had a ride to the vet. While Sarah drove over, I got directions and we put Oreo in the cat carrier.

And then we made it to the Pet ER, and everyone there was very friendly. They took Oreo and we sat in the waiting room, freaking out, but kind of calming down, because we knew that now there were people taking care of him who knew how to do it. That's the thing that really scares me, I think, when something goes wrong with the cats--I have no idea what to do to fix it.

To make a long story less long, there were three likely suspects: renal failure, diabetes, and Oreo having eaten something he shouldn't have (maybe something long like yarn or dental floss, or hair... eheh... (we have very long hair, for people who haven't seen pictures)). So first he did the blood work and he seemed pretty normal there, except for a few things that the vet said were likely to be caused by stress and dehydration (the vet told us that if you jump out and yell boo at a cat, their glucose will go up; we thought it was funny). Then he took x-rays and if he did swallow something, it wasn't in the x-rays, but there was some evidence in his intestines that there was something they were trying to force out. Looking at the x-rays was really hard for me because I was nervous enough already, and I get really squeamish when talking about insides. I always have to look away when Plavix commercials come on.

So we figure it's probably something Oreo swallowed, but because of the dehydration and the not being sure, he's still at the vet for IV and antibiotics (so wherever it is that's bleeding won't get infected), and for observation. We've been told to call back tomorrow to see how he's doing. So we're relieved that he seems to be pretty much okay and that he's in good hands, but it's still pretty disorienting having him gone. And we're still praying for him of course.

By the time we paid our vet deposit and left, it was five o'clock and we hadn't had anything but two Hershey kisses and a hug each to eat since breakfast. Sarah informed us that Mom would still be making the same thing for dinner whether we showed up or not, so we figured we might as well stop by, since we really weren't sure what we would have for dinner on our own, because the original plan was to go to Mom's. But we were worried about Mimsy, all by herself after watching us drag Oreo away, and we didn't bring all our pastimes to the vet with us (so we didn't have them at Mom's), so Mom took us right home. Mimsy, not entirely surprisingly, is doing fine. And now we need to go do things to de-stress.

Today I'm thankful for Sarah being available to drive us to the vet, friendly vets with reassuring attitudes, being at a point in our careers where we can afford to leave our cat at the vet overnight, Pet ERs that are open on Sunday, and getting to eat hamburger biscuits after all.
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