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Shining CDs

It's strange, we noticed last night, that while this entire week (except for yesterday) has been really laid-back, we haven't played a second of video games. That just won't do at all, especially because we listened to the Shining Tears CD single we got yesterday, and now we have a new game to add to our list. We got the CD because we knew that one of our favorite voice actors, Soichiro Hoshi♥, sang the Shining Tears theme song, and that the single was at the top of the Animate CD rankings for a long time, so we figured it must be good. And now it's our new favorite song♥ Something about Hoshi-san's voice that makes it so we just can't help but smile.

And now, as I type this up, we're listening to our new Gyakuten Meets Orchestra CD, which is also made of pure awesome. Ace Attorney music arranged for orchestra. I cannot describe in words how purely awesome it is to hear the music when Phoenix is finally about to win sounds when played by a full orchestra. Except to say it's pure awesome, but I already said that twice. Maybe what I need is a thesaurus.

We also read an entry in Kazuya Minekura's blog today that reminded us just how much we want to watch Bus Gamer, which was awesome timing, because the DVD of the first episode arrived at our apartment today! We'll be watching it this evening, and it will be in so much better quality than what all you downloaders watched. (Of course I say that knowing full well that the people who did download it could just as easily go download the DVD rip, and also keep in mind that we bear no ill will toward people who do download (as long as they still support the industry); we just like to taunt them occasionally because we're jealous that they got to watch the anime so much sooner.)

Changing the subject back, it makes me sad when I can't identify the music that comes up on this CD. *pout*

I can also see this is going to be a long CD, so I'm wondering if I should just keep rambling here so I have something to do while we listen to it. It feels kind of awkward to just sit and listen without doing anything, y'know?

We're so torn when it comes to cosplay these days. First of all, there's Haruka. We like Haruka a lot and it has awesome, awesome costumes. But even now that the anime is out, nobody seems to really care that much about it, so when we cosplay it, we feel sad and lonely. Well, not really, but... yeah, kind of. We just like for people to recognize us and think we're awesome. We're such egomaniacs. Of course these days, I think if you don't cosplay Naruto, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts, or the Big Anime of the Year (whatever that may be), nobody's really going to recognize you and/or care. Even cosplaying the ones listed gets tricky, because people seem to be starting to get sick of the same old thing.

Anyway, Haruka 4 is a game that screams "Cosplay me cosplay me cosplay me or you'll regret it the rest of your life!" (Or maybe I have some kind of over-sensitivity...? Or maybe it's that we got that Layers magazine...) So of course we want to cosplay it anyway. Ashvin's costume is pretty neat; people might take pictures just 'cause. Plus we have a lot of black velvet, like it's been waiting for this opportunity all its life. Or since we bought it four years ago, which could be a pretty big chunk of its life.

But Haruka 4 makes things difficult. Because they split up Hoshi-san and Ishida-san. When they were together as Ten and Chi no Genbu, it was easy, because as Eisen and Yasuaki (or Motomi and Yasutsugu, or Atsumori and Lizvan, if we ever got around to making those costumes), we were just going around as the Genbu team. Tadah! It all made sense. It was a logical pair. But now they're split up, and Ashvin and Futsuhiko just don't seem like they would be hanging out together. As far as we know, they don't even have a special attack together.

As it is, the only logical choices to go with Ashvin are Kazahaya and non-Hachiyo. Well, that's fine, I like Kazahaya a lot a lot a lot (Athena would be Ashvin), but then what about my beloved Hoshi-san character? I'm so torn. We could also do a Byakko pair, since we both look at Hiiragi's costume and start itching to see if we could pull it off (that gold trim is insane! but it's exactly my favorite part of sewing), but we hesitate to cosplay multiple characters from the same thing, for two reasons. One, it interferes with group cosplay, because once we make a costume for us, we hate to see anybody else dressed as that character. We can be horribly jealous, though I suppose that can be overcome. But the second problem is that, as I've mentioned before, nobody really knows about Haruka, so why would we want to spend all our convention time in more unrecognizable costumes?

And then as the idea of other pairs is brought up, there are so many pairs that make me think, "Ooooooh♥" Like Sazaki and Karigane. Too many characters to choose from is what I'm saying.

Edgeworth theme! Eeeeeee♥

One of the other things we've been thinking about with cosplay is the Masquerade. Normally, we don't make too big a deal of the Masquerade, but next year is going to be our tenth Anime Expo, and since the one time we were in the Masquerade was our fifth AX, we figure what better time to try the Masquerade again?

But that brings up the eternal question of what costumes to wear. Actually, it would probably be a good place to show off FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime costumes, since nobody has to recognize the costume to think, "Hey, that's a good costume." You know, assuming I can make them good. Also, would they allow hoop skirts if we didn't make them ourselves? Or would we have to figure out some way to do that on our own? I bet I could if we bought one and I took a good look at it.

Or maybe it would be better to go with something recognizable, like Host Club. But Host Club cosplayers are also a dime a dozen (well, maybe a quarter a dozen), so we'd have to do something fancy. We're twins, so we should get points if we did Hikaru and Kaoru, assuming the judges noticed. We get varying opinions on how alike we look, but I suspect a big part of the similarity is the hair, which would be... well, I guess it would be the same for Hikaru and Kaoru, but what would stop that from helping any other random pair of cosplayers who may not even be related?

Well, I guess we have plenty of time before the next AX to decide, but the question is how much of that time will we really be free to think? I guess we'll find out?

I just remembered some other kind of important stuff we could be doing while we listen to this CD, so I think I'm done rambling for now.

Today I'm thankful for Shining Tears (the song; haven't even ordered the game yet), Gyakuten Meets Orchestra, getting to watch Bus Gamer tonight, slightly cooler weather today, and sibling duets.
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