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Busy busy, ever busy♪

Back to work today. We're finally on Fruits Basket again after about seven months. It's always intimidating to get back to something after that long, but I'm having a hard time pinpointing the exact reason. I think it's mostly that then we don't remember how long it actually takes to work on it, and we don't remember at what pace the story was going when we left it, and I'm not entirely sure I can remember what all happened in the last volume for that matter, and... But usually once we pick it up, it's pretty easy to fall back into the groove. We'll post our thoughts on it when we finish it. ...Come to think of it, we both finished Hoshi wa Utau two and I haven't said anything about that, either. Too much to think about lately. I'll get to it... at some point, I think maybe.

We also started DN Angel again for the first time in like two years or so last night, and that turned out to be really easy to get back into, too. Man, I love that series. And Argentine is so cute♥

In the meantime, there's all sorts of craziness going on around here, and we happen to be blessed enough to not be in the thick of it. Celeste is planning for her wedding, you see, and it's causing a lot of stress for Mom. And in the meantime, there are issues with our Disneyland plans. Last we heard, the people who don't have annual passports couldn't get the discount tickets they were planning on, and Sarah was stressing out because everyone had put it on her to decide what to do about it. We haven't heard back since Mom took Sarah to CostCo to see what kind of discount they could get there, so maybe it's all taken care of. But the point is, we don't know what's going on with that anymore, only that we've already reserved the hotel. We wouldn't mind if we had to cancel (we do have plenty to keep us occupied), but it's Disneyland! I guess we'll find out later.

And in the meantime (there are kind of a lot of meantimes, I'm noticing), we have all kinds of extra things to do, like work and DN Angel, so I guess we'll get back to that. But first, I want to express my joy that the order we made to CD Japan that had the Freyr/Heimdal CD from Matantei Loki Ragnarok is "in shipping process." Soon we will finally be able to realize our lifelong four year dream of taking all the character songs and burning them onto one album♥ We also were recently reminded that the release date for Bus Gamer is in fact on Friday, so with that and our CD drama order, it's possible we'll get the packages all one day after another, like we did in June. It's only a small concern, because when it happened in June, apparently the mail carrier got tired of carrying our packages over here and decided to just tell us to go to the post office on the third day. (Or such is our theory.) Will we have to find a ride to the post office to obtain the last of our shiny? Only time will tell...

Today I'm thankful for that CD being shipped to us, having a more leisurely schedule this month, having plans to go buy more milk, maple donut frosting, and finally seeing the continuation from DN Angel 11.
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