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I can't bear to part with them!!!

We're running out of space on our hard drive. Yes, again. And before you all comment saying, "You know burners don't cost that much these days," we're looking at potentially having to borrow money for rent in the semi-near future, so... yeah. And I'm also kind of like, "If we did get a burner, I kind of want a DVD burner," but that's just me making excuses. Still...

Anyway, we're looking at having to delete some of the episodes we've been hording--Gundam Seed Destiny, Ueki no Housoku, Eyeshield21, FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime, Mujin Wakusei Survive, maybe HaruToki... Probably Gundam Seed and Ueki should be the first to go, since they're licensed. But... but... Athrun!

Or maybe... since it's in current release... we should just delete Saiyuki Reload. We've already deleted all the episodes that are out, or will be soon. So now it's just all stuff from the Kamisama arc... which is my favorite one. *pout*

I'd sooner delete Gunlock, because Hazel is stupid and annoying. Although his dialect is really fun. And suddenly we have to check the anime to see if he refers to everyone differently than in the manga. Also, we have reason to believe that we're not the only ones interested in our keeping of Gunlock. At least long enough to transfer episodes.

This will take some thought. We really should watch the last six episodes of FullMetal Alchemist. Dude, for all we know they're already out on DVD.
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