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I mentioned a few things yesterday that I could have rambled on about longer, but it would have messed up the continuity and I was having a hard enough time keeping my thoughts in order, so I didn't. So today being Sunday, I was thinking I'd go with the more religious one, even though today is a day where I'm not comfortable talking about religion for some reason.

Like I said yesterday, "God Help the Outcasts" from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of Mom's favorite songs ever. It's a really pretty song, and it has a good message about how we're all children of God, so we shouldn't be casting anybody out, so we like it, too. It also has the part with all the people making their selfish requests, juxtaposed against Esmeralda's line, "I ask for nothing," which is awesome and shows her selflessness and everything, but we've been thinking about that. We've been working for a long time on Kieli, and it talks about religion a little too. I won't go into the details, but there's one part where she makes cliche promise that if God were to answer this one prayer of hers, she'd never ask for anything again. We decided we think that's kind of sad.

Neither of us has been a parent, so we don't know for sure what a parent would feel like helping their kids, but we have had friends, and we like it when we get to help our friends with things. It makes us feel special. We also happen to know a lot of people who are afraid to bother us (which makes sense, since we're afraid to bother a lot of people), so it makes us especially happy when people come and ask for our opinion or help on something. And it would really suck if one of our friends asked for our help on something and promised, like it was a good thing, that we'd never see them again when it was done. As for us, that would kind of make us not want to help, because we'd know that they'd be gone and we'd be minus a friend, regardless of how much we still wanted to share with them. In college, we actually had similar problems. We'd have people over to watch anime or play video games, and since we didn't see them every day (close, but not every), we had seen a bunch of anime that we thought was really cool and wanted to share. Or we just wanted to hang out and talk, because we really like doing that. But they seemed to really only be there for the one specific series or video game, and it even got to the point a few times where someone would say, "Look, if we're not going to watch Kenshin, I'm going to leave." But we couldn't just watch Kenshin, because then they'd all leave, and we'd be all alone in our dorm again. And we still had so much more we wanted to do with people.

So I think that if God is our loving Father in Heaven, who loves us so much more than we can even imagine, He'd probably be pretty sad too, if someone said, "Help me with just this one thing and I'll never come to you again."

On the other hand, there's a story I heard once about when President Hinckley and his wife were still alive, and Sister Hinckley passed by a room and heard her husband laughing like crazy. When she asked him what the matter was, he explained that he'd heard a joke and he liked it so much he just had to share it with the Lord. I think that's the kind of relationship that the Lord wants to have with us.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing volume one of the new Bus Gamer, the verb "to have," getting to watch Gurren Lagann last night (Awesome), getting to sleep in again tomorrow, and getting to read more of the Akiyoshi Family Series today.
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