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We did it!!! We finally made it through the crazy Deadline Death Gauntlet! In the three and a half weeks since we got back from Anime Expo, we turned in six manga translations and a novel! And we didn't have to ask for extra time for a single one of them. Although it might be a little questionable as to whether or not we got the last one in on time, since it was just barely after six on the East Coast. We usually make sure not to cut it so close, so we don't know exactly when the deadline ends. At the end of the work day on the East Coast where the company is, or at the end of the workday here? Or maybe at midnight? But again, which coast? Or maybe we just need to get it in before the person in charge gets into the office on the next business day. Oh well. We think it was probably close enough.

Man, do we feel productive. And happy to have survived. We're going to celebrate by having a Freschetta pizza for dinner and by making an order from CD Japan. We've been meaning to make one for a long time now, but it's always been like, "There's no time!!!!!" And now there is.

Only sort of not. Sure, our calendar looks a lot more empty (and of course it helps that it doesn't have the really text-crammed, time-consuming titles like July did), but then we make plans to go to Disneyland not once, but twice, taking multiple days both times (are we crazy? Seriously), and there's a little extra assignment we took on that's going to require some (read: a lot of) reading. So it's a good thing we finished work a early today. We're even done working on Kieli! (And of course we can cancel the second Disneyland trip if we have to, but... it's Disneyland.)

That being the case, we'd probably go get to work on that. Today I'm thankful for finally being through the crazy Deadline Death Gauntlet, having a little more breathing room, finishing work early today, getting to order CDs, and having a Freschetta pizza with which to celebrate. Yay!
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