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A fleeting dream...

Higurashi was Not Cooperating today. I guess that's not really fair of me to say. It's not the manga's fault the artist crammed lots of words we're not as familiar with in there. I had a secret hope that we would get a hundred pages done and be able to start checking it sometime tomorrow, and that way we could let ourselves sleep in on Friday, since we don't get to on Saturday. But it was not meant to be.

We had a hard enough time getting through our 65-page quota. We tried working to the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack for its magical productivity raising abilities, but to no avail. That happened to be the same time we came across what appeared to be an Ace Attorney tribute (they even called it a turnabout!) that was really hard to translate. We even took so long getting through our quota that we had to skip work on Kieli today. But deadlines that are only a few days away take priority, and I don't think we have the energy, or more likely the brain power, to work anymore today.

In the meantime... I had something to talk about, I think... Nope, on second thought I guess there wasn't. There are a few things on my mind, but they're things I want to talk about when I'm less drained.

Today I'm thankful for making it through our quota today, being far enough ahead on Kieli that it won't hurt too much to take today off, the temperature staying in the nineties the past few days, those Drumsticks with the vanilla ice cream and fudge in the middle, and having time for some workreation.
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