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Why can't we just combine them?

We're officially on the last leg of our Deadline Death Gauntlet, and things seem to be going at a pretty good pace, though we had to stop a little early to write our Manga Life column. We should be able to make up for it tomorrow, though. We're on the arc of Higurashi that's drawn by Jiro Suzuki, which is pretty exciting, because Suzuki-sensei used to be one of Kazuya Minekura's assistants. In fact, she was the one given the credit for drawing the mountains and mountains of toys in volume 9 of Saiyuki (which includes a some Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck dolls; we wonder if that means she loves Disney or hates it). We also suspect that Toki Mishiba of Bus Gamer is based on her, since he has the same birthday and blood type. (Minekura-sensei would be Nakajyo. They even smoke the same kind of cigarettes. We have no idea who would be Saitoh, though. And we still need to finish translating volume one of the new version. Soon, too, because we just got something else by Minekura-sensei that some readers here might want us to take care of quickly, before the window of opportunity is closed.)

Anyway, our never-fully-existent Anijam plans hit a snag last night when we mentioned to Mom that there was an anime convention here in Fresno this weekend. She reminded us that that's when the miniature Disney convention is going to be, and she'd already talked to us about it and we'd already expressed an interest. And this is exactly the kind of thing that really tears us up, too, because we have to choose between two of our greatest loves. But we've already got plenty of connections in the manga world--if we want to work on Kingdom Hearts, we need connections in the Disney world. We're not sure if we can get the ones we need at this particular event, but it's more likely than if we don't go.

Or that's what we were thinking when we checked out their website last night. Then their registration form was super confusing and their prices were outrageous and it made the whole thing seem very unwelcoming. But there was still the fact that they have a panel on Tokyo Disneyland, and that they have a couple of Imagineers, and that means we might find a way to get a copy of Compass of Your Heart. So we were torn again, because I really think we could win something at the Anijam masquerade.

And then Mom called today to ask us what we wanted to do about Disney Daze. It's actually pretty unusual for her to remember about things that we wanted to do, so we figure she's interested too. And then when we're trying to figure out how all their registration packages works, she's like, "Let's just pay $9 at the door." (I know $9 is not outrageous, as I said the prices were, but you see, some of their other packages went into the hundreds. Also, they say the $9 are for the Show & Sale (we assume this to mean "the dealers' room") only, but they also say there are three breakout sessions (we assume this means "panels"), so I guess "only" or "show & sale" doesn't mean what I think it means.) Anyway, Mom said that at least three times, and when we were looking at the web site together, she was like, "How fun!" a few times, so I was like, "So we're going then?" And she was like, "I guess, if you want to." Sunao ja nai naaa.

So anyway, I guess that's what we're doing this weekend. I'm kind of excited but also kind of nervous. But we're nervous about everything, so it's all good.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read manga by Kazuya Minekura's assistant, getting to have cereal for breakfast (cereal for breakfast makes me so happy, you wouldn't believe), sales on Cheetos, being able to go to Disney Daze with someone who actually seems interested in going, and being done with work for the day.
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