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Kira Yamato beats Harry Potter any day!

NO!!! I didn't mean it! I'm just kidding!!!! DON'T HURT ME!!!!!!!

Obviously I'm just pretending I don't care about Harry Potter because I haven't read it yet. And I just watched Gundam Seed Destiny. Kira wasn't even being all that cool in it. This episode, anyway. Man, and we're still a week behind.

We did get to see the new opening sequence, which is kind of scary, in a hard to explain way. It's...fluffier? than all the other Gundam Seed openings. Although, I seem to remember hearing somewhere that "fluffy" has a different connotation that I most certainly don't want. That would be for the last opening. Unless I'm remembering wrong. The new ending is cute, though.

Apparently now that Shinn's going out with the chick played by Maaya Sakamoto, he gets a chorus like Van's. I would think that's really cool if I could bring myself to forgive him for being such a freaking idiot. At any rate, it's still amusing. And I'm sure at one point I'll figure out how Lunamaria fell in love with him seemingly because he killed her sister.

Here's a fun conversation:
Sting (as he goes around blowing stuff up in the newly manufactured Destroy Gundam): Saikou da, korya!
Athena: Psycho is definitely a word I would use.

I was also amused that Kira had to assure Athrun that they were both still alive. But for some reason the animation of the people on the Archangel was kind of messed up, more specifically Athrun. Very, very sad. The Gundam battles outside were sparkly and pretty though.

And that's about it for my Gundam Seed Destiny commentary this time. Except that Athrun really does look a lot better in red. Or black. Mmmm... Athrun in black...
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