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Sense of accomplishment

I'm so excited to have finished work early today. But not energetic enough to use exclamation points.

We were checking the rankings at Animate yesterday and were pretty happy to see that not one, but two of the manga titles that made the top ten in Japan are things that we would (most likely) be translating in the future. This is especially impressive, because they recently started counting artbooks, fanbooks, photo books, etc. with all the rest of the manga, so we see fewer regular manga books on the list these days. It's not like we felt accomplished for being assigned those titles or anything, just like, "Yay! We get to translate that!" Like when you see the name of your hometown in a book or movie or something. For the curious, the two titles were "Nabari no Ou," one of the titles we're translating for Yen Press, and "Negima!? neo," which Del Rey just announced yesterday at Comic Con.

I do want to talk about Negima!? neo, though because this one's a little bit special to us. To be perfectly honest, we actually don't know a whole lot about the different manga titles that are out there, especially now that we've stopped downloading anime (usually we found a manga because we saw the anime and liked it, and if we liked the manga, we'd check out other things by that author). And we've been so busy and so far away from Kinokuniya that we haven't had time to search out random titles that look interesting. But Negima is a series we've heard of. And not only that, but it's one we're pretty sure a lot of other people have heard of too.

And so when Del Rey offered it to us, we kind of felt like we'd really proved ourselves, you know? I mean, sure we translate Fruits Basket, and we feel really blessed that we do, but this felt more like a, "We've seen what you can do, and you've proven yourselves," especially because we do the adaptations ourselves for Del Rey.

Of course, since Negima is such a popular series, that does put a lot of pressure on us to do it right. Somehow, we always seem to get a lot of pressure when working for Del Rey. My Heavenly Hockey Club was the first thing we officially adapted ourselves, Phoenix Wright also had a big fan following with a lot of characters that have their own special ways of talking, we found out soon after we accepted Kamichama Karin chu that one of our rewriter friends adapted the first series for TokyoPop, and now Negima!? neo. Negima's a little harder than Phoenix Wright in that there's a lot more series to go through and check for consistencies and stuff, but a little less harder... I had a reason but I forgot it. The characters aren't quite so unique, is part of it. Well, they are unique, but not so extreme.

The really amusing thing about Negima!? neo is that it's the manga version of the anime version of the original manga. Unfortunately, we haven't had time to watch all of the anime or read all of the manga, though (we're working on it!), so we're not sure on all the details, but as far as we've seen, Negima!? neo is the most different.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early today and not having to work on Big Project, getting to work on Negima!? neo, friendly and helpful Tylenol commercials, birthday cupcakes, and Oreo just now coming in to hang out with us. Too bad we're going to leave soon, but it's still sweet.
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