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Um... stuff...?

Wow, I'm totally blanking on what to write about today. Things have been kind of crazy (are they ever not?) in that, instead of starting our next manga project first thing, we finished Big Project and turned it in. Yay! If only we'd gotten it in sooner; then we'd have more of a break from it. Big Project 2 starts next week.

And so we haven't made as much progress on our next manga project (I wonder if all these projects will be announced this weekend at Comic Con...) as we would have liked. And so! we'll be going right back to that when we're done here at Live Journal. And working like that doesn't leave much space in my brain to think about anything other than the project, and so I have semi-boring LJ entries like this one.

On the bright side, switching up the work order probably stimulates the brain! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for brain-stimulating variety, getting Big Project turned in, still having cookies to look forward to, having time for video games today (later, of course), and having a box of really good Cheez-its. And the children downstairs who are shouting very adorably♥
Tags: randomness, workaholism

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