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My entries all seem so niche-markety lately...

I remember a long time ago I decided to stop treating things like they were a conspiracy in an attempt to make them stop, but they seem to have come back. It's like the universe likes to toy with our video game time.

See, on Friday, we were convinced, because that's usually how things happen, that if we played Haruka 4 at all, Celeste would call during the most... I guess the word I'm looking for is "emotional"... scene with Ashvin (whose name I still insist on spelling with an H, regardless of what's "official"), and when Athena still didn't know if she'd made the right choice or not to proceed with his ending properly. That ended up not happening (whether because of different timing or because we decided not to play at all before the movie, I can't remember), and, since we ended up not seeing the Dark Knight, we had time to play anyway, and uninterruptedly.

On Saturday, as some of you may recall, we were making plans with Mom about stuff. As it turned out, we weren't close enough to any fancy scenes with Ashvin to have a call from Celeste cause that many problems, but since we'd been playing for a while, the exact circumstances we had predicted for a call from Celeste were what we were in when Mom called to let us know she was on her way. It was a very sweet scene with Ashvin, and they still hadn't shown us if we'd made the right choice. Fortunately, we were more amused than annoyed, and we just went through the scene again before Mom got here.

So now we're left with one (or possibly two, since we don't yet know entirely how this game likes to work) chapter left in Ashvin's path, and we were very satisfied that we would have time for at least a chapter tonight, and a chapter tomorrow if we needed it, and then be all done with at least one ending for Haruka 4, so we wouldn't be itching to play it when the DVD we need to watch for work research comes from Netflix on Wednesday (at least, we hope Wednesday).

Re-enter Celeste. She and her boyfriend decided tonight would be a good night to try again to see The Dark Knight. We do like Batman a lot, and they're our best bet for seeing it, so we went along with the idea, and I'm excited about it. But because of her boyfriend's work schedule, we're going to the nine o'clock show, which not only means no time for Haruka 4, but also means we'll miss the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, which means if we want to watch them, since we have work to do still, our best bet will be to watch it tomorrow night, giving us even less time for Haruka 4 then. Ah well. We'll get to Ashvin's ending eventually.

In the meantime, I've been having a really hard time typing the word "Flashback" today. For some reason it always ends up as "Flashbacl." I started being more careful and I think I'm getting better. We'll see if it comes up tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for having tickets to see The Dark Knight (this time we bought them online ahead of time!), having remembered to add that DVD we need to our Netflix queue when we still had enough time to get it before working on the thing we need to see it for, the relatively cool weather today, having had lots of time to read manga yesterday, and getting some extra work done on Gakuen Alice today.
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