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But not enough time to get an ending in Haruka 4

Today ended up being more... something... plan-ful? than expected. We didn't get to see The Dark Knight last night, because, though the thought did occur to me and Celeste as we made plans that it might be sold out if we didn't buy tickets online ahead of time, we decided to just go to the theater and see what happened anyway.

Our plan was to see the movie at nine (originally the plan was eight, but Celeste had to call back and change it because that didn't quite fit in her boyfriend's schedule; why she tried to make the plans with us, the ones with the super-flexible schedules, first instead of him, we'll never know), but when we got there, we found out they were sold out until eleven-fifteen. Since that would require us to be out until two in the morning, Celeste and her boyfriend decided they didn't like that idea because they're babies (or because they "had plans" to leave for the beach early this morning), but we were actually glad because not only did it give us an opportunity to come home and play Haruka 4, but after work work work work work work work all week, we noticed we were each coming down with the symptoms of our pet "you're not doing whatever it is you need to do to stay healthy" diseases. Very mild symptoms, but we decided it would be best not to do things like stay out until two in the morning. I'm sure Batman would be worth it, but since we do have work, we need to make sure we can do it without passing out.

Also, I apologize for calling Celeste and her boyfriend babies.

So the idea was that we'd stay home this weekend, and if Mom called or otherwise invited us over for Sunday dinner, we would politely refuse (unless hamburger biscuits were involved) because going over there is not as restful as staying home. Especially recently; I think that while we've learned to deal with the different way they do things over there, the clashing personalities are starting to, well, clash again. Also, since we've been working so hard, we have less time to ourselves, and over there, even less.

Mom called this morning at nine forty-five and told me that Scott had requested we bring Hercules tomorrow. This created a dilemma, because Hercules is one of our favoritests, and we love to share our favoritests. I explained to Mom that we were thinking of saying no because we've both been getting sick, and she believed me because, what with the overwork, I have a hard time making my voice sound normal right when I'm out of bed. But since she'd asked us to bring Hercules, I didn't know anymore, so she said she'd call back later and told me to go back to bed. When she called later, she informed me that they'd been invited somewhere else for dinner tomorrow, so why not go over there for dinner and Hercules tonight? And that's what we did. We figured this time it would only take away our evening, and not our whole day.

Dinner was nice, and then they wanted to watch the Bryan Regan DVD they had bought over the Independence Day weekend before watching Hercules. Sarah told us a little about him before we watched, so we were actually looking forward to it, but he started his act by being what we considered to be unnecessarily rude and condescending. It was weird, because he's talking about the not-so-bright things he himself does, but in a way that makes it seem like the other people are the idiots. The big problem was that we couldn't keep our annoyance in all that well. Athena was better at it, and even reminded me to cut it out at first, but as it went on it got harder and harder. And so we're pretty sure that's what Steve was talking to Mom about when Hercules got interrupted by a phone call, and the interruption lasted longer than the phone call should have, because afterward Mom told us not to talk so much next time.

But at least there was Hercules. That ended up being frustrating, too, but I think I should stop complaining in public. But the movie was still as good as ever.

Today I'm thankful for being really close to finally getting an ending in Haruka 4, having tomorrow to ourselves, Mom making chocolate chip cookies, getting to watch Hercules, and animators.
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