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One last thing before we crash

I think I'm going to write a short entry today. Man, we're so exhausted, and we reeeeeeeally need to go do something not at the computer. Last night we were actually really scared about work today, since we're on Gakuen Alice, and we were afraid we'd have to work super overtime to get our quota in, and we couldn't just say, "Oh, it's best not to push ourselves too hard," and stop, either, because we've got two deadlines right after it. But fortunately, things are going pretty well, and we even beat our quota! Take that!

But it was a strenuous battle, so I'm very very glad for the weekend. Also very glad for getting enough work done that we don't have to work tomorrow. This has been a really intense week and a half.

Today I'm thankful for beating our quota today, getting to see The Dark Knight tonight, tomorrow being Saturday, flour mills, and having time to watch some anime before Jeopardy!.
Tags: workaholism

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