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Hey, it's Disneyland's birthday!

We thought really hard about getting more work done today, since we finished a little early. But we actually finished a lot early and used the time to get even more work done, and the thought of doing any more work is kind of brain-hurty, so we decided we should give ourselves a break. We have been working really hard all week, after all.

We've pretty much gotten to a point where I don't usually feel the need to report about Disneyland, since when we're by ourselves, not a whole lot of new and exciting stuff happens, but this time we had some surprises in store, so report I shall!

The first new and exciting thing that happened is we caught our bus. We had vaguely been planning to take the train, since we knew the route, but that would have involved a lot of walking, and when we were doing research to figure out how we were going to get to our hotel, we found out that there's a bus that goes from downtown LA to Disneyland, without any transfers! Tadah! So we thought we'd try it out, since I was able to write down the stops we needed to know, and we figured even if we didn't recognize the stop itself, we know what Disneyland looks like. But we're still pretty scared of buses, so we were actually really really nervous.

Fortunately, the bus said "Disneyland" right on it, and as if that wasn't enough to prove we were on the right one, at the bus's first stop after ours, a guy got on who was dressed in the Disneyland custodial costume. We were very excited now that we'd been reassured. Sadly, it's hard to stay excited on a long bus ride when you're not chatting it up with friends, so it didn't last. But it was revived immediately when we got off the bus and started hearing Disneyland's music.

We decided not to wear costumes like we sometimes do after AX, because that would have required more SP than usual since we were taking the bus. But when we bought our annual passports, we found out that the picture they print on them isn't just from the neck up, it's from the waist up, so we were sad that our cosplay wasn't represented. We'll change that if we renew next year.

Our first intended stop was the Indiana Jones ride, because apparently they're having special stuff going on because of Crystal Skull coming out in May. But on the way there, we found out that the show at Aladdin's Oasis would be starting in about half an hour, so we decided to go on Jungle Cruise first (no line) and then watch the show. See, basically, IndianaJones-ness has taken over all of Adventureland. You start by watching the show at Aladdin's Oasis. Some "professor" lady... this part's going to have spoilers, so if you plan on seeing the show and don't want any, skip to the next paragraph. The lady helps the the little kids in the audience solve the thousand-year-old clues to open up the cave of the tiger god, whose name we remember but don't know how to spell, letting out Indiana Jones, who was trapped inside with the staffy thing that makes you all-powerful and stuff. But gasp! she was an evil spy, and she takes the staff and starts to be evil, and a little kid helps Indy defeat her and everything's all happy and yay! I'm just amazed that whatever secret language that was a thousand years ago just happened to match modern English. Talk about your crazy coincidences. And then Indy goes off in search of treasure.

The show was pretty cheesy, but cute enough. Afterward, the cast member usher type people were handing out treasure maps that indicate where clues are hidden throughout Adventureland. We went over to the Tiki Room to get the first one, and when we came back to Tropical Imports for the next one, there was Indy on top of the store, fighting this big villainy dressed guy. He beat him and came running down to the street and started asking tourists for directions to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. It was pretty awesome. I don't know what we were doing that we missed the middle part of Indy's adventures with villain guy, but we did manage to see him running up the stairs of Tarzan's tree house, where they both had a fight on the bridge! Yay! The safest bridge you'll ever see Indiana Jones fight on, Athena adds, which of course means they didn't have any of the dramatic bridge collapsiness like in Temple of Doom. Still, it was pretty awesome.

Oh right! Our tour guide on the Jungle Cruise could have used some help on his delivery, but there was one joke I wanted to type up to remember. It was at the part where all the guys have climbed up the pole to get away from the rhino. He says, "That's the most amazing thing I've ever seen! There's gotta be at least a million rocks on that beach."

We did some stuff, and decided to go to California Adventure to see the new Toy Story ride, and to see if we could see Wall-E. It wasn't very late in the day, but we wanted to make sure we had time to do that stuff and still leave early (*sniffle*) so we wouldn't be wandering around Downtown LA at one o'clock in the morning. It meant missing Fantasmic!, but we're hoping our annual passports will make up for that.

We were in Fantasyland when we decided to change parks, and as we left, we went out a side door of the castle, where we ran into Mary Poppins's Bert, getting ready to make an entrance of some sort. Instead of stopping to talk to him, we decided to see what he was getting ready for, and there, in front of the castle, was a band performing A Spoonful of Sugar. They finished, and Mary Poppins and Bert came out and started dancing along with them. Sadly, they seemed to be hired for their looks and dancing abilities, because neither of them did much singing. Also, I wish the band had put more energy into the songs--they seemed kind of... down, I guess. But it's a fun idea, and I hope they can improve the show in the future. If it's a new thing, it would make sense that it's not perfect. But I think Step in Time really needs to be more fun than that, because that's what the song is all about.

We never did manage to catch Wall-E (I'm reeeeeeally hoping they use a real robot), but we did get to go on the Toy Story ride, and it is made of awesome. Again, if you're planning to go on it in the future and want to be surprised, please skip this paragraph. As we went through the line, we noticed something very unusual for the attractions that are referred to as "rides": 3-D glasses distribution. Obviously you get this for the 3-D shows, but not so much for rides. But this ride was different. You get in the car, and it takes you to a room where you stop in front of a screen. And the screen has 3-D images of Toy Story characters and their game booth, like the shooting range in Frontier Land, only a 3-D projection instead of a diorama type thingie. And you have a little cannon that you shoot stuff with. It stops for a while while you get to shoot stuff, and it monitors not only your score, but also your accuracy. And sometimes the ride will stop (I don't know if its to let somebody from a wheelchair on or because they're still working all the bugs out or what), and while you wait for the ride to start up again, they let you keep shooting at targets for zero points. And when you hit certain things, they'll puff air at you or splash you. It's really cool, but I think it's hard to describe it.

We went to the other side of Grizzly River Run to see what t-shirts they had there, but didn't find anything we desperately needed, so, since we had to pass by anyway and they had single rider passes, we went on Soarin' Over California. Man, that ride is awesome.

After catching a little show that's basically just a medley of Disney songs and yet somehow always gets me crying anyway, we decided to head back to Disneyland to see if the music shop could help us find Compass of Your Heart. We made it back just in time for the parade. I mean seriously, we got there right as the first float pulled up. The first float is a train with Peter Pan driving, and Tinkerbell sitting on top. This Tinkerbell was amazing and adorable. She was Asian, which actually made her features even more similar to the pixie's, and when she did Tinkerbell's laughing, she looked exactly like the one in the movie. It was incredible. And then when we shouted, "We love you Peter!" she started pouting! She was perfect! So awesome.

We also had another unusual experience. We get asked if we're twins a lot, but this was the first time we'd ever had somebody ask us while performing in a parade. They have places in the choreography where the dancers are mostly just walking and waving at guests, and one of the playing cards marching in front of the Alice in Wonderland float saw us and pointed back and forth between us, mouthing the words, "Are you twins?" It was pretty funny.

After the parade, we went to the music shop, and the girl there couldn't help us with our Quest, so we've determined to stop there every time we go and ask, and eventually maybe they'll remember us and find out how to help us. It would probably be a lot more effective if we were closer and could go more frequently, but fortunately, as twins, we get remembered a lot. Then we got some ice cream which we couldn't finish and looked around the t-shirts some more. We bought Mom a cookbook, because it was her birthday and how lame is it to go to Disneyland on somebody's birthday without at least getting them a present? And with our Premium Annual Passport discount, we ended up getting the pretzels we bought with it practically for free! Yay!

We wandered around outside the park for a while, because we weren't exactly sure where our bus stop was, but we did manage to find it before it left without us, and made it back to our hotel safely. We watched the last two episodes we had of Toward the Terra and got some more work done on minima!, and then we went to bed, very happy to be able to return home to our kitties the next day.

Today I'm thankful for having time to get extra work done and still stop early, getting to see the perfect Tinkerbell, good timing with shows and buses, the Summer of Indiana Jones (I think that's what they're calling it), and the awesome awesome Toy Story ride.
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