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Ack, where does the time go? We've been working like crazy. I feel like we'll finally be able to come up for air after we get in the next volume of Higurashi... which is the fourth thing we have to work on. But we're making good progress, I think. The biggest concern is whether or not we'll finish Gakuen Alice soon enough to meet all the deadlines after it (and it's not even the one we're working on right now), but we think we'll be okay. And in the meantime, I only have half an hour before Jeopardy!, so back to the report!

Right, I was going to mention what happened on our way back to the convention center after our Kinokuniya trek. Remember how they mentioned something about a stamp needed to use the shuttle? When we got to the shuttle, the driver knew there was some confusion, so he first let all the people with the stamp on, then explained the situation to everybody else, saying that they need this stamp to use the shuttle, so when we get to the convention center, go to registration and get it, or else they'd make us walk back. So when we got to the convention center, that's just what we did, and it was quick and painless, and we were happy to get it taken care of.

Then we did the karaoke stuff and the Kadokawa panel, and then we went to line up for the Yoko Ishida panel. We didn't make it to any of the concerts this year, just because, I guess, but we like Yoko Ishida a lot, so we went to her panel anyway. It was neat, too, because they had a special room set up for the line for Live Programming 2, and we just liked it. We were only sitting there for about ten minutes or less before they let us in the room, where we sat and waited a little longer. Eventually Yoko Ishida came out with her producer and Translator Guy's brother, who would be interpreting. They started out with the producer asking Ishida-san (man it sounds weird saying that when I'm not referring to Akira Ishida) questions about herself and her career.

She started with how she got into singing, and Ishida-san told the familiar story about how she entered a singing contest when she was in high school, because the prize was that she'd get to sing an anime theme song, and a trip to Australia. Her producer asked which one she cared about more, and she admitted she wanted the trip to Australia. This was kind of sad for us to here, because when we'd met her at AX in the past, she had said that her mom took the trip without her, because she was a minor. But they also talked about how she liked watching anime growing up, including Dragonball and... I don't remember if it was Fancy Lala or Creamy Mami that she liked because she liked magical girls who transform, and the song she got to sing for winning the contest was an end theme to Sailor Moon! Tadah! So it all worked out.

They opened it up for questions, and people asked things like who inspires her singing the most, and what singers she liked growing up, but I don't remember a lot of it. I was distracted by the fact that Translator Guy had gotten into the question line. Why would he need to get in line? Couldn't he just talk to her? Maybe there was a question he wanted answered in public? Then what would it be that he wanted all the fans to know? Maybe it was because people who asked questions were given autographed posters? But I think he got out of line when they closed the questioning and made it just autographs. They ran out of time for questions before he got to ask, so now we'll never know. Y'know, unless we find him and ask him.

We didn't have anything for her to sign (we own three of her CDs, but we didn't bring any of them because she wasn't an official Guest of Honor, so we didn't think of her as signing autographs; silly us), but eventually they decided there wasn't time for her to sign any more, so they said that everyone in line would get to shake her hand. We liked that idea, so line up we did! And when we got to her, she noticed Athena's hat and said, "Donald!" and started making duck noises. I wonder if Japanese people just really like making duck noises, because when someone asked Toshihiko Seki to say "Shampoo is mine!" or something like that in his Mousse voice, he said, "Shampoo is mine, Ranma! I've taken Akane hostage! ...whoops! Quack quack quack!" (It was really funny when Translator Guy said it in English, because he didn't act it at all.)

Aaanyway. After that, they evacuated the room, so we hung out in the hall to see if we could catch Yoko Ishida passing us by on her way out. We had a few people walk by and see our Donald and Goofy costumes and ask for a picture, and we figure that was when Ishida-san went by, because we saw... like her producer or someone going into the con-ops room. Darn it. Oh well.

Enough with the stalking, it was time to go back to the hotel and get to work. We got on the shuttle, holding up our badges with their shiny new stamps, happy that we were all on the up-and-up. And then the driver said, "Oh, we don't care about that stuff anymore." What the heck?

Ah well. This was the second time we found ourselves riding the shuttle with Greg Ayres, but I don't remember if the FUNimation podcast people were with him the first time or not. But they were there this time, and they remembered us from the day before. They also remembered us earlier in the day, when we passed by them and one of them, grinning, leaned over and said "Dub haters!" This time, they decided to go with the ironic "Dub fans!" We let them get off the bus before us, because one of them had a big heavy camera. He thanked us, and one of them talked to us about how he had a Donald hat like Athena's when he was three. We told him we found ours on eBay and Kingdom-Heartsified it. Athena said something about making up words, and he said, "No, I think that's a real word. I read it in a book somewhere."

We made it back to our room, and that's when we discovered that minima! is only four volumes long. That kind of caught us by surprise. It didn't stop us or anything, though, so we did some translating, and then went to bed.

The next day, we got to the convention center a little too early for the Cosmode panel, so we wandered around the convention center in our Amiboshi and Suboshi costumes, looking at cosplayers and stuff. We ran into some of the people we'd met and talked for a bit. And then we went to the Cosmode panel, which I will talk about later, because I don't want to try to do it now and get interrupted.

Still a lot left to do today. Today I'm thankful for Mimsy on the chair, Oreo on the OMNI bag, getting to shake Yoko Ishida's hand, not having too many problems because of being stampless, and friendly shuttle drivers.
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