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Sometimes going to Mom's is fun and pleasant. Sometimes, we come home angry at the world. I wouldn't be bringing that up if today wasn't the latter, so yeah. But Mom seems to be trying really hard. She even reminded us that we were supposed to lend her some manga. We seen to have a really hard time getting back copies of Fruits Basket volume one, so we lent her I Hate You More Than Anyone instead. We're pretty sure she'll like it if Steve doesn't interject, but Banri Hidaka might be kind of hard to read if you're not used to manga.

Anyway, I think we'll keep most of the venting between ourselves, and here I'll just leave the optimism. We need to go do something happy.

Today I'm thankful for Mom borrowing manga, our song going really well in sacrament meeting today, people who don't shove cats off of tables, the awesome talks we had in sacrament meeting today, and the man who came into the library today to talk to us about manga.
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