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Dubs and cosplay

We keep putting non-work things off until Saturday because "that's when we have free time," and then we end up having so many non-work things to do that our Saturday fills up pretty fast. And then we start slacking completely, because we're like, "Ah, it can wait." It certainly doesn't help when we have plans for Sunday, so we're like, "We won't have time to read manga unless we do it now!" Ah well, eventually we'll get everything in order. I hope.

In the meantime, back to the AX report!

After the Meet the Guests Breakfast, we headed to the dealers' room. I'm not entirely sure why we did this, because I'm pretty sure that by that time we had figured out that we'd not only left our camera in the hotel room, but our money as well. Still, it's fun to wander around looking at shiny merchandise and cosplayers, and we needed to kill time before the Host Club panel. As we wandered around the convention center, Athena spotted a cosplayer wearing a hat that looked very familiar. After a few seconds, she realized it was Yoite from Nabari no Ou! And he (she) was hanging out with a Miharu! Oh my goodness, we had to get a picture! ...but, as I said, we didn't have a camera. So we asked them if they'd be in those costumes all day and they said yes, and we said hopefully we'd see them again. Then it was like the universe was taunting us or something, because we seemed to find them everywhere we went. And yet we remained cameraless.

Now as for this panel. There was a description of it in the AX program guide, saying they would announce everything that everyone's been dying to know, namely the release date and I guess a bunch of people wanted to know the dub cast. We had mostly figured the dub cast out before the panel, because the program guide also had a list of voice actors who would be signing autographs at the FUNimation booth, but the dub voice of Mori wasn't on the list, and since we don't follow dubs, the only names we recognized were Luci Christian (English-speaking Honey), Greg Ayres (we figured he'd be playing one of the Hitachiin's, and in fact he'll be voicing Kaoru), and Vic Mignona (who we knew would be playing Tamaki, because he has a large following of drooling fangirls). That of course meant that the other female name listed would be Haruhi, unless they really did surprise us, which they didn't. There was one surprise, though, which turned out to be a good thing, because since they didn't list who would be Mori, we were afraid they might be having one guy play both of the Hitachiins, which would be exceedingly lame.

So the main question is why did we feel the need to go to this panel, especially since we've been in an "Ew, dubs suck!" as well as a "FUNimation's evil and needs to get over themselves!" phase? There is only one reason: the program guide said there might be surprises, and if there was even a one percent chance that meant they'd got anyone from the Japanese cast to come visit, we were going to take it. But as it turned out, the main surprise was that they brought the guy who'd be playing Haruhi's dad (also the line director) out in a dress and wig. Funny, but...

Once we had determined that there wouldn't be any surprises for us hardcore purists, and that a lot of the questions would probably make us ill... Okay, I should probably explain about that. We've been in an anti-dub phase since playing Ring of Fates, and it was only amplified after watching a dubbed episode of Kaleido Star. We've been annoyed with FUNimation since they forced us to watch their preview on the Negima DVD, and then again on the Black Cat DVD. And I kind of was getting the feeling that being in a dub cast for FUNimation is like being in a fraternity or something. Like this little group of people saying, "Hey, we're doing this series! Who wants to be who?" It's a fine casting process for a cosplay group, but not so much for something that we would like people to take seriously as a form of entertainment. But on the other hand, I really have no idea how they did the casting (though I think FUNimation's got a lot of videos of people talking about the process at their site), so I could be completely wrong. It's just the feeling I got from how they were acting.

And we'll fully admit that part of it was jealousy, like how we get jealous of the girls who get to be Disney princesses in the parades at Disneyland. And part of it is the, "No! My Host Club!" factor. So basically it all just comes to us being brats. But anyway, the panel was making us unhappy. So we left.

And as we left, for some bizarre reason... (random sidenote, I just remembered that Shokotan asked us what our favorite anime was and we said Host Club. We didn't talk about it much after that, so I guess she hasn't really seen it.) ...for some reason, the guys doing the FUNimation podcast chose to interview us. I'm sure we weren't the only ones, but it's just so funny that of all the people in that panel who were cheering so wildly for Vic Mignona, they asked us how we felt about the announcements. They asked us if we would talk about our reaction for their podcast, and we were like, "Uh... I don't think we're the people you want to talk to..." And when I explained that we don't think much of dubs, they were like, "It could be an interesting perspective!" So they interviewed us anyway. I think we were pretty good about it, not just sounding like haters, but there was something I wished I had said and didn't think to. Of course I can't remember it now. But if they do ever put that interview on their site (we told them we wouldn't be offended if they didn't), and even if they don't, I'm planning to write a column about dubs for Manga Life, so hopefully I'll remember that comment then.

After the panel, we went back to the hotel to change into our Eisen and Yasuaki costumes. The Bandai panel would be later that afternoon, and we all thought it would be good to take pictures with Yorihisa and then attend the panel together, in case they mentioned Haruka. We also made sure to bring our camera (duh; we were doing a photo shoot), so we would be ready in case we ran into Yoite and Miharu again. We figured it shouldn't be too hard, since they had been practically everywhere we went, but when we got back to the convention center, we saw Miharu; she was a long ways away, so we tried to catch up to her, but she disappeared into some con ops room or something like that, and we never saw her or Yoite again (at least not in those costumes). Mystery...

The photo shoot was pretty fun, except that we lacked the foresight to do any research on good poses. People don't usually ask us for pictures as Eisen and Yasuaki (though a few people did ask!), so one pose each is generally enough. We'll have to be better prepared next time. As it is, I'm not sure what it says that our favorite picture was the one where we all posed as different Hachiyo. It was just too fun! But does it mean we should be those Hachiyo next time? But we love our Eisen and Yasuaki... We'll just have to do some more research. *nodnod*

Then we went to the Bandai panel where we cheered for Gurren Lagann, complained about Dulindal sounding younger than Kira in the dub of Gundam Seed Destiny, lamented Gundam 00 not coming for approximately ever (or you know, sooner; but not soon enough!), and decided to buy Toward the Terra for the heck of it. Then we went to open mic karaoke with Yorihisa and her friends (I don't know if it's okay to use her real name, so I call her Yorihisa; we really should just friend her on LJ, but I'm not sure we heard her username right), where we were sorely disappointed in their song selection. Apparently they have over three thousand songs, and yet not one of the ones we wanted to sing. So, since Yorihisa had to go, we charged her with bringing Neo Romance songs and others (like Double Dear) for us to sing the next day. After she left, we sang Anna ni Issho Datta Noni, which I really feel like I should have done better on. I think my singing voice dies when I'm in front of people. Ah well.

After that, there wasn't really anything scheduled that we wanted to do, but back when we still didn't have our camera, we saw a really cute guy dressed as Miles Edgeworth. Of course we needed a picture, so we ran up to him to ask him where he'd be in about an hour (since that's when we'd have our camera), and he called over his friends Franziska von Karma and Larry (this guy looked almost exactly like Larry, too), and told us that they were going to be at a panel, but there was going to be a meeting of Ace Attorney cosplayers at nine-thirty. So we went back to the hotel to eat and get some work done (except that we didn't actually get any work done) before the gathering and then headed back to the convention center.

The gathering. was. Awesome. It wasn't the official Ace Attorney gathering--that was scheduled for the next afternoon--but the group, while having plenty of people, was still just about the right size to be able to work with everybody to get a lot of really fun pictures. It was so awesome, because we could say, "Phoenix, Edgeworth, Larry! Stand together; we're taking a picture!" and they would! And they were such beautiful people with beautiful costumes. Seriously. There was a Dahlia, and she was gorgeous. I would have been so jealous of her if I didn't love her so much (that was a night where I ended up thinking about jealousy a lot, and I realized that, sappy as it sounds, love is a great way to overcome that kind of thing). She was great. And she and the Godot and Diego that were there had a lot of fun shots.

There was a Jake Marshall. We saw her group when we were on our way to the shuttle back to the hotel, and since she was with some other Ace Attorney cosplayers (I think the cute Edgeworth was included), I knew who she was right away, and I was so happy because we just played through Rise from the Ashes recently, and I was like, "Man, I hope someone cosplays Jake Marshall." And she did! And when I recognized her, she was so happy, because I was like the only one, and her friend Mia was standing behind her with an expression that was like, "Oh, yay! Someone recognized your costume!" And they all seemed sooooo nice.

So of course we got a picture with all the Rise from the Ashes people. There weren't that many, actually, but since we had Ema and Marshall we did it anyway. And we said, "You, you, you, you, and you! We're taking a Case Five picture! Edgeworth, you, too!" And Edgeworth immediately did his angst pose! It was so great! He was seriously perfect for Edgeworth, too. He would pose for all the crazy pictures, but always with a perfect Edgeworth expression. And we had him do the Edgeworth bow! We all had to take multiple pictures for it to work. He needed some coaching for the "Tsk, tsk," pose, and Phoenix needed some coaching for the tapping the papers pose, but the von Karmas (we had Franziska and Manfred!) were very helpful and it turned out very well. We also got a picture of "gaaaan" Phoenix looking at Future Phoenix! So! great!

And all the cosplayers were on the same page (mostly). We'd be like, "We need a picture like this!" And everybody else would be like, "Yeah!" And someone else would be like, "We need one of these!" And it would be like, "Okay, all the defense attorneys! All the prosecutors! Fey family picture! von Karma family picture! All the dead people!" And we were all so excited. It was pure awesome. Pure awesome. I only hope the pictures came out well.

Today I'm thankful for super awesome cosplay photo shoots, once again having milk for cereal in the morning, getting to be on a podcast (maybe), re-finding almost all the cosplayers we saw and needed to get pictures of after we had our camera, and managing to eat that pizza without getting it on my Eisen costume (for some reason we always seem to eat potentially messy food when I'm wearing the silk robe).
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