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Didja miss us?

We're back, we're alive, and we're not even that tired! We are, however, a bit pressed for time, since we've got a deadline tomorrow for a book we're about two-thirds (three-fourths, Athena corrects me; awesome) done with. We're also melting, since the weather report was inaccurate and led us to believe that it wouldn't be too hot the week we were gone. Not the weather report's fault, of course, but when we came home the apartment's thermostat didn't give us a temperature, but instead had the cryptic letters OL (overload?), so I can only assume the temperature was about a million degrees. Fortunately, the cats are still alive and even moving around, so I think we're all good.

Now we'd better get to work.

Today I'm thankful for making it home alive, finding the cats still alive despite the heat, nighttime bringing the temperature down more quickly, having a ride home from the train station despite our original ride forgetting and being at a friend's graduation (probably more important, too), and this book we need to finish being pretty easy to translate.
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