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Cue the freakout!


Oh my goodness, we're leaving for Anime Expo TOMORROW! We're listening to the Sorairo Days single that came with our Gurren Lagann DVD right now so we'll have it ready for Shouko Nakagawa to sign. This is kind of painful, actually, because it's making us want to watch the series, and are you kidding me? there's no time for that! Maybe we'll take it with us to watch while we're there.

We also wanted to make sure we've seen all the seiyuu interviews on the Saiyuki Burial DVDs, so we watched the Sanzo one last night, and it's official: all the Saiyuki seiyuu call Soichiro Hoshi (Goku) "Osaru-san" (a polite way of calling him "the Monkey"). That amuses us to no end.

Other than that, we spent most of today doing things to get ready. We're having problems packing because there are three sets of costumes we definitely want to bring and two that we want to bring just because, and we're not sure if we have that much room. But we're determined to bring them anyway, so there! Even if the convention is only four days long. We also found Meer Campbell's hair clip and remembered that oh yeah, we need that and Lacus's, but we can't find Lacus's at the moment. Hopefully that will change, because Gundam Seed is our second favorite Toshihiko Seki series. Or, perhaps more accurately, the other Toshihiko Seki series that we have costumes from. It's really hard to put an order on things.

In more random news, our non-frozen loaf of bread ran out yesterday. We keep our bread in the freezer so it doesn't get moldy, and we discovered after our trip to Japan that bread doesn't do so well after being thawed and then re-frozen. Of course, we probably could also use the refrigerator instead of the freezer, but that would take away our excuse to order pizza. So order pizza we did, and we were pleasantly surprised in two regards. First, it actually got here in a timely manner this time. We really like Pizza Hut, so we always go to them for our pizza needs, despite the fact that on the semi-rare occasions we actually ordered pizza it would get here half an hour to an hour late. But today it actually got here on time! Whee!

The second pleasant surprise was the chocolate dunkers. We haven't seen any commercials for them, so we didn't know they existed until we checked the website to find out which Pizza Hut delivers to us. We were intrigued by the idea, so we decided to get some, even though we've been disappointed in many pizza places' attempts at chocolate desserts. But these were sooooooooo goooooood. They're kind of weird, actually, because, and this is my opinion from eating them, they seem like they shouldn't taste good, but they do. I guess that's how addictive chocolate is? I don't know, but we're glad we got a double order of them (we expected the orders to be smaller than they were).

But anyway, tomorrow we leave for AX, and so we're very very nervous, since that always happens when we travel on our own to some place with a schedule (if it was just Disneyland, we probably wouldn't have any problems). We're pretty sure it will all work out, but that doesn't stop us from fearing the unknown. But we'll do our best!

Today I'm thankful for Pizza Hut chocolate dunkers, getting our pizza on time, being able to get work done during our trip so we won't come back and be like oh my gosh we have a deadline tomorrow and we haven't worked on this book at all!, a visiting teacher who's thoughtful enough to call and ask if we need a ride to do any last minute shopping, and Sazaki and his band of mountain-dwelling pirates.
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