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And this is why we started a LiveJournal

So we could rave about Gundam Seed Destiny.  Dude, this series is awesome!  They got a new opening sequence this week, which actually seemed kind of slow to me, but it has really pretty pictures.  Not sure what the deal is with the scene in it where Cagalli is wearing nothing but a completely open button-down shirt and her underwear...

And how come Klueze had his face covered during all of non-Destiny but Neo gets to take his mask off in the opening sequence?  Something's not right here.  But now Lunamaria is hanging out with Shinn in the opening, instead of Athrun, so life's as it should be... except that Meeya's all over Athrun.  It's cute in the series, but putting that kind of stuff in an opening sequence...?  Athena points out that the look on his face indicates he still doesn't like her, though, so it's all good.  I'm gonna cosplay Meeya!

Kira's gotten to be so cool in Destiny!  I'm so proud of him.  All that time with Lacus has definitely been good for him.  I loved his whole spiel in the one episode where they were trying to kill her and he was going to start fighting again and she's like, "Are you sure?" and he's like, "Living in a world without you would be harder than going back to battle."  Or something like that.  It sounded much cooler when he said it.

Athrun's being stupid, I think, but it's the same level of stupid he was during the first series, so he should get over it again, Athena says, hopefully for good this time.

There was a time when it felt like every anime series suddenly turned very strange during the second half.  After watching so much, I had begun to feel like I'd gotten over that feeling, but with Gundam Seed Destiny, it's hard to deny, no matter how much foreshadowing they gave to it.  Man, that whole laboratory thing is messed up.  Messed.  Up.

But now Stellar is with Shinn, and they can work to make it all better, right?  It's frustrating because we definitely want Lunamaria to stay away from Athrun, because he has to be with Cagalli (or Lacus, but there's no way (besides, Lacus and Kira are an adorable couple and I think Lacus should make a comeback and sing duets with her new fiance)), but the way Shinn takes care of Stellar I would feel bad for her if she didn't get Shinn.  But Athena points out that after they're naked together in three different opening sequences, it's destiny.  And yet when you say it like that it sounds so wrong...  I want to say Lunamaria can have Rey, but...

Anyway, now that we know that Blue Cosmos is messing with people's brains and genetics and stuff, and we've seen Neo without his mask, looking exactly like Mwu only with scars and longer hair, we're wondering if he might actually be a brainwashed Mwu.  He does make the impossible possible, so maybe he didn't die after all...  That would be so wrong... and yet such a juicy plot point.

So yeah, definitely looking forward to the next episode, as always.  It's kind of ironic how, before, Athrun was hardly ever in it so whenever he did show up, it was really exciting, but now Kira's the one who's hardly ever in it, so I'm really excited that the narrator addressed Freedom in the preview, because it means more Kira.  Eee!

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