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We're going to Disneyla~and♪♫

Frequently, since moving to Fresno, Athena and I would be talking to somebody and Disneyland would get brought up. Then the following exchange would take place:

Somebody: Man, I haven't been to Disneyland in years.
Us: Really? We should totally go! We love showing people around Disneyland!
Somebody: Yeah, that would be awesome!

And then we'd go on to talk about something else and there'd never be any follow through. That's why when we had the same exchange with Sarah's boyfriend last night, we were astonished to hear the conversation change from the last part to, "Really? When can you do it?" I don't think it was exactly like that, but the idea is we actually started making plans. This never happens. So you can only imagine how excited we are to finally have People to go to Disneyland with. (Of course Sarah will be coming too.)

So now it's been decided that we are definitely getting annual passes when we go after AX. It's a little scary though, because, much as we love Disneyland, as far away as we are from it, it's kind of like spending a lot of money in order to be able to spend a lot more money (gas prices being what they are). And we've never been big fans of really long car rides. But one thing we learned in Japan is that we really do want to live at Disneyland, so I think it'll all work out. And if it doesn't, hey, it's just money.

Sarah and her boyfriend came to keep us company in the library today, something we only allowed because Sarah said sincerely that they weren't going to make a habit of skipping Sunday School. And while they were there, we actually solidified our Disneyland plans. This is so amazing. We're so excited. We've already formulated an intricate plan to ensure good seats for the fireworks and Fantasmic!, despite everybody having caught on to the fact that there's another showing of Fantasmic! after the fireworks, making it difficult to get good seats for both. I feel all secret-agenty. It's awesome.

And at one point Sarah's boyfriend remembered that A Bug's Life had been brought up last night and that he really wanted to see it. He wouldn't shut up about it until we made plans to get together and see it tonight, which is really weird, because usually we're the ones with the one-track Disney-obsessed minds. So now we get to have people over to watch Disney movies with, which is also very exciting. It's actually been really nice since Sarah started dating this guy, because both of them enjoy watching Disney movies and stuff, so it makes it easier to watch them with everyone at Mom's place without us feeling like we're forcing our tastes on everyone when really all we want to do is watch great movies.

Today I'm thankful for plans to show people around Disneyland who haven't been in a long long long time, our former home teacher promising that we'll be able to get to Disneyland more than twice, secret agent plans, having people to watch A Bug's Life with, and oh my goodness we're leaving for AX in three days!
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