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Happy Friday!

Man, that book was driving us crazy. But we finally finished our first run through it, so now we know for sure how long it was. It's like 270 pages, which is why no matter how many pages we got done at a time, it felt like we weren't making any progress. But, as I said, we finished our first run-through. Yay!

Last night, we went to see Get Smart. It was pretty awesome, although I don't think we'll ever completely get along with Mel Brooks. And tonight we get to see Wall-E, so we're pretty excited. This week has been jam-packed with happening stuff. And by "happening," I mean "it happened." It's been pretty awesome, but also super busy, and I will be very glad to have a nice, relaxing weekend.

And next week is Anime Expo! It seems to have snuck up on us again, but we're pretty excited about it. And after that is Disneyland, which will be awesome because all this week, I've been having Disneyland flashbacks and wanting to go back. Although last night I had a "leaving Disneyland" flashback, which made me sad and made me not want to leave Disneyland again, but the idea is we'll be getting annual passports this time, which is supposed to mean we'll be back again soon. We'll see how that goes.

And I'm not entirely coherent right now. I think it's time for us to go relax and stuff. Today I'm thankful for home teachers bearing cookies, getting to see Get Smart, getting to see Wall-E, days when the air is clear (I think I should maybe add an "er" to that "clear," but I think we do have a few clear-air days here, and I appreciate them), and having time to finally open our shiny new video game.
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