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Our Harrowing Haruka4 Adventure!

There's no time, so hopefully I can type fast. We've been having a very interesting time juggling our schedule this week, and today has been no exception. Not only do we have home teacher(s) coming later, but Mom called because tonight is the night they decided would be good to take us to a movie. It's kind of annoying because it only came after we were whining that everybody went and saw Iron Man without us, but we like to go to the movies, so overall we're very happy about this. It's just the timing of it all, really, because we were sure we were going to get Haruka 4 today, and Athena had managed to convince herself that it's okay to wait until dinner so that we can get some more work done, and now that's not looking like an option. Oh well, it's easier to put something down if you haven't really picked it up yet.

Speaking of Haruka 4, Athena pulled out the third package slip in a row from our mail box this afternoon. We rushed to the office to pick up our package, but the lady there couldn't find it. We finally had the brilliant idea to, you know, look at the package slip and discovered that this time, it had been left at the post office. And we're pretty sure it was actually left there and not a failed delivery, because we're always home. Although it is possible that we didn't hear any knocking because we were in the back room with our music going. Still, out of three days, I'd think we would have heard one knock, since we usually do.

It doesn't matter. The fact was our shiny was at the post office, and we didn't have a ride. It did give us more time to get some work done, though, so it kind of renewed our belief in the philosophy, "Do your work first; there will be time to play later." It's a philosophy you really need as a freelancer.

But! miracle of miracles, my visiting teacher had called last night and asked if she could stop by at four--an hour before the post office closed. Four o'clock came and she hadn't come, but about ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door. And she had cupcakes! She asked how we were doing, and we talked about work and how busy we are, and as soon as there was a lull in the conversation, I told her we had kind of a random favor to ask. I said we needed to get to the post office, and she said let's go. I love my visiting teacher.

So now we finally have our shiny of shinies, but it's still in the Play Asia box, all nice and securely taped, and we haven't even seen the packaging yet. Why? Because our home teacher is coming at about six, and that's not nearly enough time to start a game of such epic shiny (we assume). So in the meantime, we'll go snack on some stuff to make sure we're not starving by the time we get home from the movie (there won't be time to eat between home teacher leaving and movie).

Today I'm very thankful for an awesome visiting teacher who was kind enough to drive us to the post office on a moment's notice, having had enough time to get a hundred and fifteen pages of translation done, getting to go to the movies tonight, cupcakes, and finishing this entry with enough time to get some food.
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