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Fun with cookies

Last night we got to experiment with what happens when you leave half-baked cookies in the oven on "warm" for an hour. Apparently they turn out pretty much like normal, only with a tiny bit of the kind of crunch you'd expect more from, like, peanut brittle.

We had made plans with Mom to go to the grocery store yesterday, but stuff kept coming up, and we didn't know what all was going on. We did know that she wanted to check out that show "Wipeout" that aired on ABC last night, so we figured as long as it was on, we wouldn't be going anywhere. We turned it on ourselves and decided it was a travesty, Athena supplies. That's probably a little harsh, but we didn't care for it. It's like somebody was watching Sasuke (aka Ninja Warrior) and thought, "This would be an awesome show if we had the commentators make fun of everybody." I hate that kind of show, because I feel like judgmental programming like that only contributes to the massive insecurity everyone in the country seems to feel these days.

But anyway, we decided it was a bust, so we put some cookies in the oven, and that's when Mom called. We've known people tend to call right when we've started something we'd rather not put down, but this is probably the most extreme it's been. But she had already called right when we'd finished cooking dinner, so we didn't want to make her wait, and I thought the cookies might be out of the oven by the time she got here. I was wrong. So we set the oven to warm, and off we went to the grocery store for an hour, hoping the fire department would not be at our apartment when we got there. Fortunately, everything turned out pretty well, although the cats might not have appreciated smelling peanut butter cookies all that time, and the apartment was probably extra warm because of it.

We got home exactly in time to not have enough time to watch Endless Waltz before the Daily Show. It actually worked out pretty perfectly, because our home teacher called and put off our appointment until tomorrow (he had a meeting he forgot about or something). It's just kind of funny how all our plans keep getting moved back a night, except for Haruka 4--we have no idea how far that will get moved back.

But in the meantime! Our Dengeki Layers magazine came today and it's every bit as shiny as we'd hoped it would be! Oh, so shiny. Of course, it doesn't help assuage the eagerness to play Haruka 4, since that's the main feature. But oh my goodness, is it shiny! It has pictures of each character (and not just the Hachiyo and Miko--every single character!) with close-ups on the more detailed bits, and pointers for each of them. It was awesome, because I was reading the pointers for Ashvin (I seem to remember the official site spelling his name differently, but that's the spelling I like), and it's like, "'For his pants, use this cloth or velvet...' Awesome! It tells us what fabric to use! ...erk, velvet!? *choke*" But it really does look like velvet would be perfect! And it doesn't stop me from wanting to get people together to wear every costume from the game. Me and my crazy cosplay ambitions...

Today I'm thankful for having a shiny Dengeki Layers magazine, getting plenty of work done (I like this series, but sometimes I wish they'd realize it's okay to release another volume to fit everything in), having milk again, our peanut butter cookies not being destroyed or burning the house down, and having emergency rations for AX (oh my goodness, that's in a week!)
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