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One day we'll learn.

We'd been expecting to get Haruka 4 on Tuesday, based on how long it took us to get Suzaku Ibun, but then we got the third volume of the Haruka anime a day sooner than expected, so we were hoping the same would happen with our video game. No such luck, sadly, so instead we resolved to get as much extra work done as possible so we could stop working early when it does get here. That's proving to be rather difficult, too, though, because last night Mom noticed that Athena was upset. She wanted to know why, but Celeste was pushing us out the door, so she said she'd call. That probably wasn't the best of offers to accept.

The problem is we'd been having one of those low weeks when, for no particular reason, we feel like nobody likes us, and whenever we go to Mom about those, she just kinda tells us why nobody should have to. So I spent some time arguing with Mom and feeling worse about everything. But then we went to Gmail chat and spent some time chatting and venting with our friends the Coopers, and now we generally feel much better about life, if still a little hot from the heat wave and tired from staying up too late last night. All in all, I think it was a productive evening, but we didn't get any more work done, which may be a problem as this is the Week Stuff Happens. Not only will we get a shiny new video game, but we finally heard from Netflix about Endless Waltz, we have home teachers coming over on Wednesday, we're theoretically going to get together with people to practice the song we'll be singing in Sacrament Meeting the week after AX, and we have plans to go see Wall-E on Friday (Yay!!).

At some point in there, we need to go grocery shopping, and just when we were remembering that Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 comes out soon, Game Stop called and let us know that we can pick our copy up tomorrow. At least, I think they said tomorrow--I was kind of distracted when they called and so wasn't really listening, but we figure they wouldn't have called today if they really meant we could get it on Wednesday. ...Right?

But now, since we don't have a new video game to play just now (unless we want to start Drawn to Life finally, but right before we get another game that will most assuredly interrupt it, that would probably be a bad idea), I think it's time to get a little more work done.

Today I'm thankful for the Coopers being there to let us vent, the cooler weather today, still having time to get some more work done, Bagel Bites, and plans to see Wall-E on Friday.
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